Automatically Delete Blogpost on Blog Spot

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asked Sep 29, 2011 by jwire4 (1,201 points)
Hey there LG community-

So as being the developer and admin of my High School's website, I know I need to work around them. I recently set up a news parser for the website. ( Basically they wanted to display news for parents, and they wanted a scrolling box, so I got them the RSS parser and everything works ) As it is currently running, I justs set up a default Blog Spot Account ( Needed the RSS) so they can input the announcements and then the RSS feed would be pulled in.

The issue I am facing now, is that they want to be able to somehow set the post to automatically delete itself, so it will not be displayed in the ticker. I know that Blog Spot has options for scheduling posts for posting, but nothing about deleting. Any ideas? If this is something that is I need to pay a developer, I am willing to do so.

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