How to buy parts for a computer online

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asked Sep 29, 2011 by liil_matt (16 points)
Hello, I'll be building a computer (hopefully soon). I'll be buying a Mother Board, Proccessor, Hard Drive, and physical memory, all the rest I got. It's actually my dad who is building it (with my assistance). I need to know how I know what motherboard can go with with what processors, etc. My dad proposes that we go to sotre, and by them there so we can check if the two fit. I know though that we can find better deals online, and I know what kinds of stuff I want. I just need to know how I can tell what I can't put together. How can I check?

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answered Sep 29, 2011 by viluong (1 point) or or . I love Newegg since it is cheapest and really worth it. Sometimes price of stuff from Newegg might be a little bit more expensive but I would still go to buy from it because I feel safe to buy stuff from them. Amazon sometimes send you stuff that is dead while on trasit. TigerDirect is also cheap and has very good deal. I am not recommend BestBuy because It's so expensive. Fry's is the best for stuff IN STORE.
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answered Sep 29, 2011 by lq (49,870 points)
I'd go to Newegg and just browse for parts there, they usually have a great selection and they make it really easy to browse for parts. You can then later search other places like Amazon for lower prices once you find good parts.

When it comes to the processor and motherboard you want to find matching sockets. For example this year's Intel processors use LGA 1155 sockets, so you need an LGA 1155 motherboard.

Once you find a motherboard it will tell you what types of memory it supports, chances are if it's a newer one it will support 240-pin DDR3. So find some DDR3.

Most newer motherboards support SATA, the product page will tell you so you'll want to find a SATA hard drive along with a SATA optical drive. Same with the power supply, you want to find a power supply that has enough SATA connectors for your system.

As for the case find out which size your motherboard is like ATX, Micro ATX, Mini IXT and so on. You'll want to find a case with a matching size or at least one that supports that size of motherboard.

Newegg makes it really easy to find all of this information by doing advanced searches once you are in product categories.
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answered Sep 29, 2011 by xedric14 (941 points)
I really don't know if people are just advertising Newegg or what cause I've seen some post that's so positibe about newegg apart from this., im asking because Ive only met newegg here in lockergnome. but let  me know. Like this answer if you use newegg. (that tells me that geeks here in lockergnome trust it)
commented Sep 29, 2011 by lq (49,870 points)
I'm not really advertising Newegg when it comes down to it. They just make it really easy to filter and search for computer parts. I trust them since I've spent thousands of dollars on their website.
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