Have you experienced mouse issues after the latest Chromebook OS update?

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asked Oct 7, 2011 by Christina Trapolino (206 points)
My multi touch is behaving strangely after updating to 15.0.874.51.  Is anyone else noticing issues with the hardware?  I'm on a Cr-48.  I already sent feedback, but I've also been using my Chromebook more frequently lately and am wondering if I may have unwittingly broken something myself.

Any ideas?

2 Answers

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answered Oct 7, 2011 by kevin (35,790 points)
I am testing it on my Cr-48, I am not having the issue
commented Oct 7, 2011 by Christina Trapolino (206 points)
Thanks for the report!
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answered Nov 3, 2011 by charliestl (1 point)
This happened to me after updating and restarting my brand new Acer Chromebook. It comes and goes now, but if I didn't have a usb mouse, using the chromebook would be impossible.
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