iMessage won't sync between my iPhone and iPad

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asked Oct 26, 2011 by TechnikLayman (1 point)
Dear community,

I have a small problem with iMessage on my iPhone and iPad. I can send iMessages on my iPhone and when I want to continue on my iPad, it doesn't sync. How can I fix this? Actually, I do not see any iMessages sent from my iPhone on my iPad.

Hope someone can help.

Thanks, TechnikLayman

1 Answer

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answered Oct 26, 2011 by Shelster5 (1 point)
I am having the exact same problem!  In addition, my iCal does sync between my iPhone and iPad, but not to my Mac.
commented Oct 27, 2011 by TechnikLayman (1 point)
Did you activate the sync of your calander in the iCloud panel of Mac OS X?
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