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asked Nov 3, 2011 by techmaniac (11 points)
what is the difference between macbook and macbook pro ? i know the screen size it bigger but what is the real difference that makes it more expensive and is it much different than macbook??

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answered Nov 3, 2011 by Fish (7,331 points)
Firstly Apple has discontinued the plastic MacBook's, the only ranges still running are the MacBook Pro's and MacBook Air's. Now to the main question. The MacBook Pro's are made from an aluminium unibody which means the cost of manufacture and materials is higher. This is not only due to the aluminium but also the glass screen and so on. Also in general (with the occasional exception), the MacBook Pro's have better hardware such as processors, RAM and HDD's. The MacBook Pro's are much better built and in general faster and in my own opinion worth the extra.
commented Nov 3, 2011 by techmaniac (11 points)
Is there any way of turning a macbook into macbook pro like getting all the bits that a pro has ??
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answered Nov 4, 2011 by GilOsborne (586 points)
pro is a unibody aluminum design, better specs, just an all around higher quality machine.
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