Linux Mint 11 vs Fedora 15

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asked Nov 5, 2011 by Ivan Tomica (1,251 points)
So what do you think about each? Have you tried both of them?
Which one you liked more, why?
Since Ubuntu is making some weird stuff i said NO to them and
tried to switch to some other distros. I tried literally dozens
of them and i decided to stick with Mint, but still since
Fedora was relased with Gnome 3 i started to be curious about it.
Since i am using Debian based Mint both of them are "cutting edge"
of Linux distro development, so there could be some minor bugs with
both of them....

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answered Nov 5, 2011 by PCLinux7 (1,275 points)
I prefer Linux Mint because of the software available and because of the epic interface.
commented Nov 5, 2011 by Ivan Tomica (1,251 points)
true , mint have very polished interface, but fedora has to. ofc if you like gnome 3, but on the other way mint announced gnome 3 test version in mint 12 so... and about available software , they are pretty much same, cause you can compile source code on both... Thanks for your opinion... ;)
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answered Nov 5, 2011 by JordanV (4,116 points)
Mint is getting a Debian based Gnome 3.x derivative very soon, possibly Gnome Shell.

I happen to like Linux Mint over Fedora because of its ease of use.  and that menu they have is ROCKIN'!!
commented Nov 5, 2011 by Ivan Tomica (1,251 points)
I agree with you, their's menu is most complete and easiest, Plus Mint looks perfect. Clem and company are doing great job indeed , and that profs latest stats on distrowatch, in last 6 months Mint is first with few votes ahead Ubuntu, and in last 7 days stats Mint is first with 1k votes infront Ubuntu, and Fedora is just 5 below Ubuntu, and that proves that Ubuntu did some bad things... :)
commented Nov 6, 2011 by JordanV (4,116 points)
Hey don't be talking smack about my OS! :P
commented Nov 11, 2011 by Ivan Tomica (1,251 points)
LOL, i am not talking smack :P i just say what i think about it ;)
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answered Nov 5, 2011 by JamesOConnor (1 point)
you are best off with getting linux mint
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answered Nov 6, 2011 by Tux Penguin (891 points)
I prefer Mint because of the software, interface, and its easy to use.
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answered Nov 6, 2011 by geekomatic (1,842 points)
Mint is a great distro.  I use 9, 10, & 11 (on diff. PC's).  Haven't tried Fedora in quite a while, but have tried many distros & find Mint much nicer in all ways to the rest of the bunch (including Ubuntu, which has some incredible PR keeping them "on top").

Now, if Mint could manage to "polish" the far-too-many sound issues (no sound, bad sound, or incomplete (doesn't work in all apps/programs)- it would easily pull far ahead.

commented Nov 6, 2011 by Ivan Tomica (1,251 points)
i believe Clem is working on that ;) and for me Linux mint was always "numero uno", i used it since Mint 7 was out, and no i am on 11, but still i am curious about Fedora and theirs Gnome 3, i will try it in virtualbox surely , but i don't know if i should give it a chance and put it as dual boot or even rewrite mint. I see that Mint have a lot prettier and easier "package manager" ("software center") than Fedora has, but still i don't know...
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