Scrolling Background Windows in Windows 7

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asked Nov 29, 2011 by Data (296 points)
I like the ability to scroll background items like OS X does so I installed WizMouse which works fine when using a mouse wheel.  When I'm using the touchpad on my laptop, nothing happens.  I also tried KatMouse but got the same results.  I'm sure there must be a way to do this and if anyone knows how, it's this forum!

Thanks in advance,
commented Nov 29, 2011 by AlphaMike (871 points)
I'll boot up my Windows and give it a go. Give me some time I'll check it out for ya :)

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answered Nov 29, 2011 by AlphaMike (871 points)
Hey Data,

  I've checked out WizMouse and KatMouse, I run into the same problem you're experiencing with WizMouse. However, KatMouse seems to work fine with my trackpad. I tried it on my Acer laptop and my Lenovo laptop. Both seems to function as the website said. Maybe you could try reinstalling the program. If not try reinstalling your trackpad driver, though that would be a bit of a hassle..

My say is, reinstall KatMouse and try again. Feel free to get back to me

commented Nov 29, 2011 by Data (296 points)
Hey, thanks!  I took your advice and updated the Synaptics drivers, and it's a little better but not all the way.  Now, I can get the desired effect only within the same program.  For example, if I have two Chrome windows open, I can scroll the one out of focus.  Same with explorer folders and so on.  It doesn't seem to work inter-program, which is weird.

Thanks for your help, and I'm sorry I'm taking up your time. :)
commented Nov 29, 2011 by AlphaMike (871 points)
That is weird. I went back and double checked your issue, and I didn't experience issue using it inter-program. seems to work just fine. Try checking back at KatMouse's website for some help. Maybe it has something to do with the program.

Haha, your welcome! I don't mind at all, a bit bored too actually.
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answered Nov 29, 2011 by xedric14 (941 points)
What is the brand of your Trackpad? Mine is a Synaptics Touchpad, and the Company supports that feature using the Setting Options. I'm not trying to advertise it, just saying that maybe your device software-driver has a solution for it. mine has Synaptics + Scrybe Software completely free.

![alt text][1]

![alt text][2]

You can also **TRY THIS** - that's the link for Scrybe it will also update your driver to the latest version

  [1]: /upfiles/synaptix_2.jpg
  [2]: /upfiles/upd8.jpg
commented Nov 29, 2011 by Data (296 points)
Okay, now this is getting ridiculous.  I see the same settings and have the correct option enabled, and it just doesn't work.  Grr...  Thanks for your help anyway.
commented Nov 29, 2011 by xedric14 (941 points)
There are 2 ways to update your Driver
1. Find the latest version from the synaptics website
2. use Device Manager to Update your Driver using Windows Update
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