Please help me building my computer.

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asked Dec 4, 2011 by sebastianq28 (591 points)
Ok. so i need help connecting the intetrnal speakers. the ones that look like this
![alt text][1]


please tell me where i plug this in thank you.

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answered Dec 4, 2011 by Compucore (2,451 points)
Take a look in the manual for the motherboard itself. There should be a section for pinouts for where you have the reset, power, reset, speakers and all that. It will show you were within the motherboard it can be connected to it. And basically plug it right in there.  have seen on many home made machines where they are usually located at in there. Take a look within there it should help you out in getting that small speaker hooked up inside the casing there.
commented Dec 4, 2011 by sebastianq28 (591 points)
OMG THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!
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answered Dec 4, 2011 by Compucore (2,451 points)
No problemo. And your welcome by the way. It's an honest mistake we all look over something like that when we all build our first machines. Like I say jokingly of course read the friendly manual. It'll tell you what you should know about the motherboard itself. And if your updating your bios or what ever else. Sometimes the manufacturer will update the manual as well with the latest things it has done to it.
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