Office 2010 on my desktop but I must drag documents to open from Docs file

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asked Dec 14, 2011 by Patriarch (1 point)
If I open a document it opens in Office 2007 and says its expired and is read-only. However, I can drag te document to my desktop Office 2010 icon and it;ll open just fine. How do I chane so I can just double click a document and it will auto open in 2010?

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answered Dec 15, 2011 by xedric14 (941 points)
If you are using Windows 7

Right click ANY word document >> **Open with...** >> **"Choose default program"**>> Select **MS Word 2010** from the recommended programs **OR** if it isn't there, click **"Browse.."** then go to the  Installation folder of MS Word 2010 (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14 for a 64-bit machine)then click **WINWORD.EXE** >> **ok** >>**ok** >>ok

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![alt text][1]

  [1]: /upfiles/2010.jpg
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