Mac OS X Lion CPU

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asked Dec 17, 2011 by JoshTemps (46 points)

I have a 13' Mid-2010 MacBook Pro and I have had Lion for a few months now, i've recently noticed with the addition of my second display that my fans have been going crazy when i only have Twitter, Safari and Mail open and some other small apps like iChat. I've done a SMC reset, PRAM and all those reset's too and it just gets really loud. Also when the screen savers are on and I come back to the computer after 5 minutes of the screensaver running the fans are off and are really loud. I've tried the app SMCfancontrol to monitor the temp and it stays at about 122 to about 133 when i'm chatting on iChat and also when the screen savers are running.

Please, someone help!

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answered Dec 17, 2011 by Yarvaxea (3,996 points)
Try cleaning out the heatsinks. Just unscrew the 15000000 screws on the bottom and pop the lid off, get some good compressed air or use your lungs.

Also make sure the MBP is not directly on a flat surface, of all the laptops I've ever worked with the MBPs have the worst cooling solution ever. Try buying a laptop cooler, they'll run you about 10-20€ and are easily worth it. If they are still loud then maybe the fans or fan controllers are defect, you might want to ask apple for help then.
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