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asked Jan 20, 2012 by mmaximus (1 point)
What's the best tool/website/service to share to multiple networks (including social pages)?
Thanks in advance!

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answered Jan 20, 2012 by m19ris (101 points)
tweetdeck- it was a mac, windows, IOS, Andriod (i think) and Google Chrome extention.

You can post to Facebook pages and twitter and a Facebook profile at the same time or just one.

It is now owned by twitter and its been said that G+ is coming to it soon


commented Jan 20, 2012 by mmaximus (1 point)
Thank you for the share.

I prefer to post to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter manually because each one has a different approach/audience.

Anything else out there that you can use to share to say 10 smaller networks? It has to have good user interface.
I remember seeing Chris using something but I don't remember what it was now.
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answered Jan 25, 2012 by pjob797 (2,635 points)
I like it gets a lil repetitive though if you have your accounts manually synced to each other
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answered Jan 26, 2012 by bryanminer (851 points) is a ok tool
hootsuit is a nice web based plugin for chrome i believe they also run on firefox and safari
tweetdeck is clunky to me
you can also use something like and just not use the scheduler
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answered Jan 26, 2012 by mmaximus (1 point)
Ok, I finally found the tool Chris was using some while ago. I actually had it bookmarked but forgot about that.


A couple more tools I found along the way (besides the ones mentioned in comments):

Thanks everyone!
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