How can I fix the volume button on my iPhone 3gs that fell off?

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asked Jan 30, 2012 by Studio66Designs (421 points)
I was in the car yesterday or Jan, 29th and I noticed that my iPhone volume button was coming off when I took the case off. I didn't put pressure on it or anything. I read online if I could just put glue on the button and put it back in place. There's 2 options to that if it doesn't work by gluing it back on with super glue. I could get the button stuck or get it not to stick. Can I take it and glue it back together or will that be a problem? Can I have some help because I didn't do anything to the phone or the volume button but just take my case off my iPhone 3gs!

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answered Jan 30, 2012 by JordanV (4,116 points)
I don't know about gluing it in place because of possible getting glue somewhere it shouldn't be.  I would just tape it back on...  That truly sucks man :/
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answered Jan 30, 2012 by r0bErT4u (83,750 points)
I too have an iPhone 3G[s].  I replaced my battery.  That rocker switch should be easy to replace.

A replacement Volume Switch will cost about $3.50 > [link text][1]

commented Jan 31, 2012 by Studio66Designs (421 points)
Is it a good idea to glue it with super glue?
commented Jan 31, 2012 by r0bErT4u (83,750 points)
I'd advise against doing that.  Superglue in the wrong area could cause more damage, but it's up to you ... it's your iPhone.
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