How to write articles for the web?

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asked Feb 19, 2012 by Sveiny (1 point)
I wondered if someone could give me some tips on how to write good articles that I could publish at the internet... (thinking about creating a website where I can publish articles)

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answered Feb 19, 2012 by Razor512 (16,586 points)
If you want to write articles, i recommend that you look at articles on sites like and

Also don't worry about any standardized essay style format that may be used for school assignments (it wont work for articles). Articles are formatted for efficiency in communicating the important ideas. There are generally no complex rules on style like in something like APA format
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answered Feb 19, 2012 by Compucore (2,451 points)
I would agree with Razor512 on that. Plus it would be a good idea to place them somewhere like, or so you can post them up. What I usually do when I blog. I usually type them up in word as an example. Get my writing down on that since I am working on a windows Based PC right now. And write the blog or article up in there. Then ue windows live writer copy it over to that. And if I have any extra pictures or video that I want to add in there to spice it up. I put them in and publish it in my word press account. And let windows live writer worry about uploading it to my blog site there.
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answered Feb 19, 2012 by Al Ambrose (16 points)
The best way to write an article to write an article is to use the voice recognition software has already on your computer. has videos on how to write articles using voice recognition software.  You probably have everything you need are really on your computer and you don't know it.  In fact does answer was written with voice recognition software.
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answered Feb 20, 2012 by Ztag100 (1,481 points)
Everyone has their own style for writing articles. You can write them however you like, and don't worry when people insult your style. As long as you have good grammar.

I'd also suggest using wordpress to power your site. If you want, they can host it for you for free. Or you can get your own webserver. If you are looking for a good webhost, I'd suggest they have good prices and never let me down (I have a VPS with them, that runs pretty well). Don't make the mistake many people make and go with the most popular choice, which is GoDaddy. They are stable, but WAY to overpriced.

If you are just starting out though, having a managed site is fine.
commented Feb 20, 2012 by Compucore (2,451 points)
That's what I have done with mine personally gone with wordpress. it does what it needs to do. And they updated the PHP part of it automatically on their side. So no fishing around looking for wordpress updates. It's simple and easy to start off with. I'm working on two other blog sides something more customizable on two home servers with Joomla over here. Just to get the feel of maintaining something on my own as well. with some friends of mine so that we can all contribute easier.
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