Is this set up legal for recording gameplay?

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asked Mar 27, 2012 by Daniel Colthart (431 points)
I recently asked if this set up was legal:

A YPbPr cable provided by AverMedia transmitting the picture of a PS3 into the back of a AverMedia game capture HD. Then another YpbPr cable going from the output from the AverMedia game capture HD into a YpbPr to HDMI converter (I.E: Neet) then a HDMI cable into the back of a HDMI only monitor (Acer T230H

Someone then said that is is not technically legal to do that. But if I took the YpbPr to HDMI converter out and just have the YpbPr output from the AverMedia going into a YpbPr port on a tv would that be legal and not breaking HDCP laws?

Also is it legal to record game audio?
Daniel Colthart

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