How to backup your Xbox games?

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asked Apr 7, 2012 by RafalChmiel (491 points)
How to backup your Xbox games? I've got a small sister and she is very interested in my Xbox game disks. Is there any way of backing them up - just in case she does something to them? I searched the internet but people are writing/talking about "modding" your Xbox, which I don't wanna do. Any other ways?
commented Apr 9, 2012 by RafalChmiel (491 points)
**[UPDATE]** Thanks for all your contributions. I found out that it's pretty much illegal to do so. I've gave my sister my old PS2 and bought some retarded princess games, so I don't have to worry about my Xbox disks any more!

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answered Apr 7, 2012 by Abel Luna (451 points)
Backing up games is illegal. The reason why you have to mod your a dvd drive is because certain previsions are in place to prevent illicit copies of the games from being distributed. Even if you have bought the game you don't have copyright grounds to make copies. It also does not matter if it is for personal use, you would be violating Microsoft's TOS as well as individual publishers'.

Think of it this way: if you rent a movie from a store are you allowed to make copies?

Sony had a big issue in this and lost a large amount of revenue.
commented Apr 7, 2012 by IamTechCrazy (4,621 points)
As long as he's not distributing or selling the backup I don't believe it's illegal to make a backup copy of a disc he owns.

Your example is horrible. He's not renting the game, he owns it. Also it's totally fine for people who own movies on DVD to copy them to their computer so they can stream them over their network OR back them up.
commented Apr 8, 2012 by Abel Luna (451 points)
The EULA explicitly states that a user is forbidden to make a copy of any copyrighted works. It is technically "legal" as long as you do not get caught.

If you were to use it for personal use no one would know. However, if the owner of said copyrighted works were to be notified, he would, in all technicality, be infringing copyright. Although, it is different depending on the area you life in.
commented Apr 8, 2012 by jwonno (521 points)
It is neither legal or illegal; the digital takeover of music, movies and books has created a gap in the law of many countries. "Fair Use" would allow the holding of a digital copy of something currently in your possession, however, "Copyright" would mean you could not profit from it nor can you financially damage / hinder the Copyrighter.
commented Apr 9, 2012 by RafalChmiel (491 points)
Thanks for your contribution!
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answered Apr 7, 2012 by IamTechCrazy (4,621 points)
There's really no way without modding which voids your warranty. If that's not something you want to do then take more precaution with your disk and make sure they are always in a safe location.
commented Apr 9, 2012 by RafalChmiel (491 points)
Thank you for your answer.
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answered Apr 9, 2012 by sulljason (2,366 points)
You can install games onto you Xbox 360 (I assume its a 360) so the disk doesn't have to be 100% readable to authenticate that you own the game as the actual game files are stored on the hard drive, other than that hide em.
commented Apr 9, 2012 by RafalChmiel (491 points)
Thank you.
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answered Feb 9, 2013 by Eddie93 (1 point)
You need a software to help you back up your games on to discs. However, by backing up and not modding you only make sure that you can play those games later on when the original wears out and you finally get ready to mod your Xbox360. If you are wondering how to play xbox360 backups, well you will absolutely have to mod your xbox360. Fortunately enough, this can be pulled off with some small software modification, which can later on be reversed, if for example you'd like to sell your console.

As for how to backup the games, there are loads of guides on the internet and most of you require to get an iHas drive, which costs a fortune and you will have to mod it and it just makes it a major headache. However, there is a software called [GameBackupSystem][1] (I personally use it) which takes out most of the process details and makes it a lot shorter. Well worth the 30 bucks I've spent on it. They have also updated recently to support XGD3, I think.

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answered Feb 9, 2013 by IAmMclovin7 (1 point)
Try saving your games to your hard drive. That way, if she scratches the disc or anything, you can still run the game through the hard drive...good luck!
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