about to purchase a mid-2009 macbook.

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asked Apr 11, 2012 by avrgboy (1,606 points)
i'm buying this off a friend for $200 i kind of feel like I'm ripping him off... but its the price he's giving me. The specs are all right. A 2.13ghz intel dual core processor... I plan to upgrade the ram to at least 4gb. I've heard that it could possibly run 6gb of ram.


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answered Apr 11, 2012 by Xiro (4,448 points)
Is he selling it that low because he is your friend? That is quite the price there.
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answered Apr 12, 2012 by Razor512 (16,586 points)
extremely low price, is it broken or something?  That laptop can easily go for $450+ if it is in good condition
commented Apr 12, 2012 by avrgboy (1,606 points)
I don't think he actually knows how much its worth :3 but yes. Being friends is probably a great factor. I took a quick look at it today. Looked pretty banged up... lots of scratches.
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