Firefox on OS X Lion

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asked Apr 14, 2012 by JordanV (4,116 points)
How is Firefox on OS X Lion?  I heard many things such as it is ugly and it doesn't fit with the OS' overall look and feel.  I was just wondering anyone use it on Lion?  If so what are your reactions of it compared to Chrome/Safari?  Do you find it better?

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answered Apr 14, 2012 by catchatyou (97,380 points)
I'm not a huge fan of Firefox, but I don't think that it is ugly.  It does fit in quite well in OS X, and doesn't seem to have odd features that stand out.  Firefox handles better under load (like rendering video or Minecraft) than Chrome, and I've ditched Safari a few months ago, because it just simply wasn't getting new features, and started feeling stale.<br /><br />I don't use Firefox as my main browser (I use Chrome), but if I use a web browser, and there are some features that I almost couldn't live without, I'll switch.  Personally, if Opera stepped up their game a little bit more, I think I might use that as my default browser, because I like the ease of the folder tabs.  Unfortunatly, it doesn't have that nice feel that OS X has (like the new scrollbar integration and a visual "previous page" animation).<br /><br />Pretty much, whatever browser wows me the most is the one that I want to use.
commented Apr 14, 2012 by catchatyou (97,380 points)
And to add to that...Rockmelt is a great (Chrome-based) browser that integrates RSS, Facebook and Twitter beautifully.  I also use this as my primary browser alongside Chrome.  Even though it won't have the most cunning edge features, it gets updated at least weakly.  So if you like the look and feel of Chrome, and you want to have better social integration, Rockmelt is a great browser to choose.
commented Apr 15, 2012 by JordanV (4,116 points)
I am a Chrome user already and will probably check out RockMelt.  I have been looking into the new Firefox UI and it looks really good, have you seen it?
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answered Apr 15, 2012 by PCLinux7 (1,275 points)
I've seen the new Firefox UI and it looks really cool. If you're running nightly on Windows with aero, it's epic. On the Mac side, Firefox lacks. While the interface is decent, it's not great. It kinda fits with the general theme of OS X, but looks kinda dated compared to the rest of the system. There's no lion-compatible fullscreen or animated multitouch gestures (they exist but don't look cool like in Chrome or Safari). Firefox also seems to take quite a while to load on Mac.

For me, I have no choice but to use Chrome because of what I do. Without Chrome sync, my productivity would go WAY down. I need everything to sync between my two Macs and my PC. Firefox is getting there but just isn't ready yet. Once they refresh the UI and add in more Lion compatibility, I'll probably switch back to it (I'm an open-source guy). But for now Chrome is the best browser for what I'm doing.
commented Apr 16, 2012 by JordanV (4,116 points)
Same here, was a huge Firefox fan and open-source but Chrome took me.  

With that new UI, and more improved Lion support, I'll definitely be back to Firefox.
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