How do I change my router's security? Please help!

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asked Apr 17, 2012 by jsdman1234 (720 points)
So we had the cable guy out here today, and he fixed our internet, then he told me that we're on WEP, which isn't as secure as it could be, and he said he could bump it up for me, so I was just like, "SURE!" (as I don't know much about routers and wireless settings), and he changed it to WPA2-PSK (AES), which I was just like, "Whatever!" and connected my Wii to it first since I had my Wii on. Worked. Go to connect my 3DS to it, cannot connect, go to my phone(Samsung Admire 2[Android 2.3.4]), doesn't work. called my friend who knows about this stuff and said it makes sense cause WPA2 is notorious for being incompatible. And he told me to change it and I got my Default Gateway through "ipconfig" in the Command Prompt in Window's Explorer, and put that in my browser's(Mozilla FireFox) search bar, and it asked me for the username and password, which I remember the cable guy telling me is "admin" and "password" and instead of giving me the whole interface and menu and all, it gives me "(***.***.*.*) is managing this device "
<br>How do I fix this? It's a Netgear router and that's all I know. I can tell you more about it if you tell me how to find out about it.. Lol,
So yeah, please help me. I need wifi on my phone and Nintendo 3DS badly! :(
commented Apr 17, 2012 by Compucore (2,451 points)
What name is it giving you that is managing the device itself on the router?? What I would usually do and this is the extreme for it. There is a reset button on the router. You would need to press that in order to reset it to the factory defaults in order to get back into the device. And make sure that you remember the ip address as well to get back to the log in page as well. Once you have that. Relog back in as the admin of the router.

Check to see where the wireless section is go into there. Since routers have the wireless place differently depending on the manufacturer. And switch it to WPA-PSK with tkip settings. Then the password you can remember for it. Sonce that is done save it and make sure that you get your connection going back onto the internet as well. Since the settings for that are important as well. And that will vary depending on your ISP.

WPA2-PSK and AES are harder to get into for security reasons. But also not every device will support it as well. I am lucky enough that with most of my devices can take it without a problem. But made sure as well to have my router to fall back on WPA-PSK if the device that is trying to connect cannot use WPA2-PSK on it.

Worst case scenario you simply unplug the power supply without reseting router itself. and it will kill the session that was there when the technician came by. And just simply go back in with the admin and the password that you were able to go in before with. Those are the two. But try unplugging it first and replug it back in and let it start up. and access it that way to see if you can get in. If not hard reset of the unit and go in and redo it from there.

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answered Apr 18, 2012 by DJ Scooby Doo (9,656 points)
WPA2-PSK is notorious of not connecting... When was this?! Even my old 2003 laptop can connect to it, lol.
commented Apr 18, 2012 by Compucore (2,451 points)
I guess it depends on the firmware of the unit itself in quesion. I had one laptop that I had a built in wireless B connection on it. And refused to connect on wps2-psk and wpa-psk. When I got a PCMCIA wireless N networking card it worked fine for my thinkpad that I have over here. Mind you I should have gotten a winreless that was compatible with linux as well silly goose that I am I did not do that.
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