What did the average user do on Windows 2000/ME?

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asked Apr 28, 2012 by David Lones (1 point)
What programs, games, or utilities were popular at the time? What websites were popular? (2000 - 2003)

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answered Apr 28, 2012 by Cornelia Cornflake (880 points)
The average user avoided Windows ME like the plague!
commented Apr 28, 2012 by DJ Scooby Doo (9,656 points)
Hey, I've used ME before and it's not as bad as it was said. People always hate on Vista and ME, but I think they worked fine.
commented Apr 28, 2012 by nickjuly4 (951 points)
I've used Windows ME and I constantly had to deal with freezing, Blue Screen errors saying that the computer is unresponsive and unstable and I had to hard boot (press and hold the power button) on my computer so many times that the hard driver on it began to fail with many bad sectors.
commented Apr 29, 2012 by AlanStryder (2,031 points)
I think the average ME user reinstalled Win98 after about a week.
commented Apr 29, 2012 by DJ Scooby Doo (9,656 points)
Apparently I was the only one that didn't.
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answered Apr 28, 2012 by Randy (891 points)
I used Windows 2000 as my main OS until 2010. Its about the same as XP. Almost all XP programs ran on Windows 2000. I avoided Windows ME though. (I was running Windows 2000 on a Dell Dimension 2350.)
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answered Apr 28, 2012 by nickjuly4 (951 points)
I got my very first Computer in 2000. Back then we used MSN Internet Access (dial-up) and Internet Explorer for web browsing (LOL). Back then I used to use the Internet for mainly playing flash-based and shockwave-based (are there even any shockwave-based games being made anymore?) so I mainly went on web sites such as Shockwave, Candystand, Nabisco World, Cartoon Network, Mini Clip and Neopets in 2003 when it became very popular at my school.  I also used to play Midtown Madness 2 online on MSN Gaming Zone every now and then.
commented Apr 29, 2012 by Cornelia Cornflake (880 points)
Reports of the death of Shockwave are greatly exaggerated!
commented Apr 30, 2012 by nickjuly4 (951 points)
I just haven't really seen any Shockwave games in a long time.
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answered Aug 13, 2012 by gnomie1 (26 points)
IE 5.5 was a pretty fair browser, Firefox Betas, shockwave games, fun downloads.
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answered Aug 13, 2012 by jadtechnic (2,001 points)
many people when window ME came out were still using dial up and  AOL and paying $3 per hour to use the service so they weren't doing a whole lot email some pen pals little web surfing the Online auction boom was at its peek and on a down word slide ..

ME was one of them odd windows release most people who ended up getting it  was because they were scared afraid of the Y2K syndrome that was suppose to be the death of all computers  some actually. game and web wasn't like today the big thing back then was pogo AOL online game service still pretty popular today with the set who are addicted to Facebook games the 40 - 50 + crowd ..

MSN was the hot new Message service over taking ICQ and IRC like wildfire you needed a Hotmail account to register to use MSN naturally that is where Hotmail got it big popularity everyone got a Hotmail account to use the messenger ,  yahoo games and auction were  on fire , Forums message boards  everyone  wanted to be a part of the biggest and bad est and naturally  shortly into that everyone thought they want to run and own the hottest one the hot topic  for the  time  naturally  was Online auctions and online stores  web designing  and hosting ..

Microsoft frontage  was the web design tool of choice ...

2000 2001 was around the time Ubuntu got its start only I dont as I recall it wasn't called ubuntu at the time and 2001 was the first version of WUbi Linux on windows partition  it was big  they made a push to get in the OEM market back then windows ME was such a bust  you could actually order Emachines online from Walmart with Linux or wubi daul boot going price for  EMachne with window back then was around $999  price for  a Emachine with linux under $500 it didnt  go far  people were  still living in the darkness of Linux command prompt fears ..
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