About the first person reaching 100,000 Karma here and receiving Chris's Optimus Maximus keyboard

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asked May 26, 2012 by nitrocrime (3,741 points)
Hey Lockergnome,

If you remember back when this site started, Chris said that he will be giving away his Optimus Maximus keyboard to the first person to get 100,000 karma on Lockergnome.net. Currently Kevin (site admin) is in the lead at 34,9K karma followed by r0bert4u (site moderator) with 30.6K karma.

Did any of you ever think it would take this long to even come close to that amount of karma? I didn't, I though it would take less then a year. Yet this site has been online for nearly two years.

Should Chris lower the amount of karma needed for it or just see if the 100,000 can be reached?

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answered May 26, 2012 by DJ Scooby Doo (9,656 points)
100,000 karma?! Damn son. Maybe lower it to 60,000 at least. 100,000 can be reached but you gotta give it some time bro.

I honestly didn't know about this prize, lmao. Well let the best answer win!
commented May 27, 2012 by nitrocrime (3,741 points)
I'd go for 50,000 karma or even 25,000 karma.
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answered May 26, 2012 by TheTechDude (76,270 points)
Correct me if I am wrong but I think that Moderators and Admins are not eligible for the prize.  I think I read that somewhere...

I did think that we would hit 100,000 much faster than are getting there...
commented May 27, 2012 by nitrocrime (3,741 points)
I haven't read it anywhere that admins and moderators aren't eligible for the price but that seems only fair.
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answered May 27, 2012 by Abel Luna (451 points)
I think Chris was having one of his "moments." He probably made up the number at random and forgot about it when the effect of his boxed wine ran out ;)
commented May 27, 2012 by nitrocrime (3,741 points)
Haha! It looked like one of his 'moments' when he said this, but he wasn't drinking during that video, nor did he drink his wine during videos at all.
commented May 27, 2012 by Abel Luna (451 points)
Well, I really don't remember seeing that video. I can only guess what Chris was thinking.
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