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asked Jun 8, 2012 by mutley2209 (761 points)
I need alternative suggestions for a great quality laptop other than the Macbook Pro to make sure i'm looking at everything that's out there, i want something that's new to the market so it has the most up to date hardware such as Ivy Bridge. I'm looking at a price point of around £1200-£1300, i want something that has an Ivy Bridge core preferably 2.4GHZ i7 but a simular speed i5 would do, at least 8 GIG of DD3 ram but more the better, plenty of storage - best case would be an SSD for booting the OS etc and a hard drive for storage running alongside it, a high res anti-glare screen, good graphics capable of playing Diablo 3 on full without issue, good for video editing, good build quality and plenty of battery life when using it unplugged and by using i mean internet browsing and listening to music not just sitting idle.

It's been pointed out to me that i may be jumping the gun on going for a Mac but at present i'm fed up with my current laptop that i've had for about four years (believe me if i could've dumped it sooner if i could have) and has frustrated me in limiting what i can use it for, this time i won't make that mistake again and i'll buy something top spec.

Oh and i do not want another HP!!

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answered Jun 8, 2012 by mutley2209 (761 points)
ok i've found an MSI 15.6 inch gaming laptop i really like and the best price i can find by far is by importing one from the US, will all i have to do is get the UK power cable for it or are battery's configured to run off a certain amount of power i.e will the UK cable provide a different voltage to the US version?
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