Mac Mini 2012, Power Mac G5 or a Powerbook-G4

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asked Jun 13, 2012 by Asilva61 (1 point)
I have over $400 and almost $500. Which computer do you recommend me getting for video streaming and or surfing the web while editing videos for YouTube? Should I get the Mac Mini 2012, Power Mac G5 or a Powerbook-G4? If so what specs should I get with any of the computers? Plus I have a dual screen setup on my PC. Is there a way I can setup my current computer monitor setup with any of these Mac Mini 2012, Power Mac G5 or a Powerbook-G4 computers? Do I need another graphics card or what?

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answered Jun 13, 2012 by Fish (7,331 points)
The Mac Mini 2012 with out a doubt! It's much newer and more powerful despite it's size. The hardware inside is much newer. The PowerPC processors in the G4 and G5's are well outdated and no longer supported by Apple or very many developers. You wouldn't be able to get the latest versions of OSX on them.
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answered Jun 13, 2012 by catchatyou (97,380 points)
Don't get the Powerbook G4....<Br /><br />I would suggest either the new Mac Mini or the PowerMac G5.  I would personally choose the Mac Mini since I don't know which G5 you're talking about.  If it's a single or dual core, I wouldn't get it, but a Quad core would be pretty good for video encoding.<br /><Br />I would still choose the Mac Mini, because I would be able to run the latest OS, and it has the latest, most modern processor of your choices.  Also, the Mac Mini would save you more money than a PowerMac G5, because the Mac Mini uses less power.<br /><br />The Mac Mini does support dual displays.  It has an HDMI port and a Thunderbolt port.  You will probably have to buy adapters.  Also, you can use Mini DisplayPort to VGA/DVI converters with Thunderbolt.
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answered Jun 13, 2012 by Asilva61 (1 point)
But I only have like $500 and that is it. The Mac mini is closer to $600 but I only have like $500 and that is it. The Mac mini is closer to $600. I would like something close to what I can afford! I would like the new Mac Mini but I don't know if I can afford it at the time. I want a Mac so I can do a lot of video editing because I heard on a Mac it's better to edit videos because it has more programs and features for it!
commented Jun 14, 2012 by catchatyou (97,380 points)
Have you searched on Craigslist?  If you look fervently, you can usually find some fantastic deals!
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answered Jun 13, 2012 by mutley2209 (761 points)
keep an eye on eBay you may be able to pick up a new unopened 2012 Mac Mini at a better price than other websites but they wouldn't start appearing for a couple more weeks so depending on when you need it by it's worth a wait to keep your options open especially since you have a budget you'd like to keep to whilst maximising the spec of a new desktop. Be sure to look for the base model to keep the cost down, memory and drive space can be upgraded but yeah wait and keep an eye out for a bargain, i'm sure someone can suggest some good sites to bookmark.

Good things come to those who wait, i waited eight months to replace my laptop which is half broken and because of that i saved enough money to buy the new Retina display Mac. Take your time, examine the options open to you and if possible during the intervening time whilst you search for a the best possible Mac for your money, you could try save that extra $100 then you'll have the Mac that you really want =)
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