DRAM error

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asked Jun 16, 2012 by pjob797 (2,635 points)
I recently built myself a PC based off the Intel i7 2011 processor on the Asus P9x79 mother board (8 dim slots, quad channnel)(bought off of newegg). So I install the ram it boots up fine, but only 8GB shows when I installed 16GB, The BIOS shows that 2x4GB are installed on the left of the processor, but then the right side, which has 4 slots, 2 occupied shows all 4 slots as abnormal, I've switched the 2 sticks with in the 4 "Abnormal" slots but haven't tried switching out the 2 good dimms. When I take out the 2 sticks of RAM it shows up as empty slots with no error, does anyone have any idea what 9is the problem or does the mobo or ram have to be returned?


A few weeks ago I re installed all 4 in different slots, now 3 DIMMs are working (12 GB), the one DIMM looks like one contact is almost like bent back/ ripped aluminum foil,but it looks like its stil making proper contact, any ideas?

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answered Jun 16, 2012 by JDHHDJ (2,400 points)
Make sure the pairing is correct. Some motherboards are picky about that. Try putting the RAM only in the blue slots.
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