record fraps to USB 3.0 external drive or thunderbolt?

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asked Jun 17, 2012 by mutley2209 (761 points)
Can i record video at about 30fps via fraps or any other program directly to a USB 3.0 external drive running at 7200rpm or will it be too slow? If it's too slow could i do it with a Thunderbolt external hard drive such as a Lacie little big disk? Preferred option is USB 3.0 as it's much more affordable, i will have storage issues recording onto my SSD so being able to record onto a 1tb or larger external will solve this problem for me.

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answered Jun 17, 2012 by Tim Fontana (16,355 points)
That won't be too slow. Before the last 2 years, the interface transfer rate of Sata was 50% slower than the rate of USB, so there should be no problems.
commented Jun 17, 2012 by mutley2209 (761 points)
are you sure? do have any examples of recording video to a USB 3.0 drive by chance as i can't seem to find anything? I'm looking at a LaCie USB 3.0 drive as i like the design and Lacie seem to make good drives
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answered Jun 17, 2012 by mutley2209 (761 points)
I took the plunge and ordered a LaCie Porche P9230 2TB USB 3.0 running at 7200rpm that i found at a great price on eBay. Someone i game with said he manages to record to an external with fraps but didn't say if that was USB 2 or 3, anyway you've settled a big question for me including whether i should go for my first option on recording which will be Fraps on boot camp to an external drive which evidently i can.

Thank's very much, i just hope it works lol
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