Can't Access external Harddrive

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asked Jun 18, 2012 by Daniel Hernandez (1 point)
Yesterday I hooked up my old external HD into my laptop. It asked me to "repair" it before it could be accessed. After letting the windows rapair the Harddrive it worked normally. So I saved some files i needed on it. Today I plugged it in, but it won't open and asks me to format the harddrive. Is there any way to make it work again?
commented Jun 18, 2012 by Compucore (2,451 points)
Have you tried it on another computer to see if it is just happening not only on just the one computer. Is it doing it on more than one computer??

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answered Jun 19, 2012 by Mitte (511 points)
First thing to do is to disconnect the hard drive and don't use it anymore until you know what could be wrong or when you have the right software. The longer it stays connected, the bigger the change is you lose data. (not completely true, but for the sake of simplicity).

I'm gonna go ahead and say your data is corrupt.

Look for recovery software on the internet. There are multiple options to get your data back and most of them have a big pricetag. There is a program, though, that is free and it's called Recuva. It's by piriform. Try if that program can find your data back. If not, think about the value of the data and how much money you are willing to spent, because this could get very nasty.. Good Luck.
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