What do you use Apple TV for??

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asked Jun 19, 2012 by Declan (106 points)
Apple TV is Apple's media centre correct(correct me if I am wrong). I know you can stream what ever is in your iTunes library and stream it to your TV over WiFi(correct me if I am wrong). But what else can you do with it. Can you connect a external hard drive or do you have to upload all your movies and TV shows to your iTunes account and then stream it from your computer to your Apple TV. Also does Netflix support the Apple TV.

Thanks in Advance


2 Answers

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answered Jun 19, 2012 by sfrancis928 (2,716 points)
I use mine almost everyday. I have over 500 movies and TV shows on a network drive (almost all from ripped DVDs), and I stream them to my Apple TV through iTunes on my MacBook Pro.

I also use it to watch YouTube videos sometimes.

You can't just connect a hard drive to the Apple TV, you have to go through iTunes on your computer. And yes, Netflix is supported on it. I used it for my free month trial.
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answered Jun 19, 2012 by jacobthriller1982 (226 points)
I use my apple tv to watch my purchased tv shows my movies watch youtube with the family check up on baseball scores as well as nfl i view my pictures and i will also be using it to mirrior my mac when osx mountain lion comes out!
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