Why is there no 3D / HD version of Pokemon?

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asked Jun 27, 2012 by xedric14 (941 points)
I mean, a version with graphics similar to Battlefield, Call of Duty, Devil May Cry, Skyrim and the like.
something for xbox, pc and ps3?

could have been awesome.

so why?

2 Answers

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answered Jun 27, 2012 by kevin (35,790 points)
The Nintendo DS is not able to handle HD resolution on the device and Pokemon wants to keep their games and apps cross supported between the 3DS and DS. Also, they cannot store a lot on those cartridges.

But there is a update to the Pokedex app that does augmented reality soon.

Also why does it need to be in HD.
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answered Jun 28, 2012 by Fish (7,331 points)
Nintendo could never release a new game. They must recycle all their old games over and over.
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