24p vs 30p

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asked Jul 16, 2012 by iFreakshow (3,930 points)
I am making a short film and i don't get the hype of 24p and 30p fps please explain :D

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answered Jul 16, 2012 by kevin (35,790 points)
24p is a widely adopted for transferring a video to film. When film was used for movies, the video was sent 24 different images per second.

In the US, broadcasters chose 30p for sending video out to television. It can give no interlace artifacts but can introduce judder on image movement and on some camera pans

For that film look, I would probably suggest 24 fps for the film feel
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answered Jul 16, 2012 by trueb (80,880 points)
short answer:

in the US use 30p (NTSC)

in the UK use 24p (PAL)

anywhere else... probably 24p
commented Jul 16, 2012 by KevinLockergnome (557 points)
Uhh, PAL is 25 fps
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answered Jul 16, 2012 by Fish (7,331 points)
Ok let's clear up a few things here. Firstly 24p is NTSC, not PAL. The PAL equivalent is 25p! For NTSC think 24p and 60i and occasionally 30p. For PAL think 25p and 50i! 24p is an NTSC standard but is a widely used frame rate for both American and UK films.
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