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asked Jul 30, 2012 by sebastianq28 (591 points)
OK, so i have a pc that when turned on give me the option to boot into windows 7 OR another operating system i dont feel like mentioning... the reason i did this was because i thout that putting operating system B on my pc would be amazing... tutnrs out i dont really find the use of it. Now I want to remove the other operating system and leave only my windows part. how can i do this?

The 2 operating systems are on the same hard drive but seperated by two partitions.
the OS i want to remove is the one that automatically boots up (unless i tell it to do something else)
oh and i dont use the windows bootloader... i use another one.

please help thanks!

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answered Jul 30, 2012 by jadtechnic (2,001 points)
this may not be exactly what you are looking for  how ever if you run win recovery ju st fix boot  you will still have the other OS but it will just boot to windows directly like it did  before ..

you can also change the boot order of the boot loader you are using ...

i dont recomend removing the other os just leave it one day you may decide to use it again , either way if you decide toreformate the patition the other OS is on make sure you make a win7 recovery disk first or you are going to be out of luck unless you own a win 7 install CD set :)

key word her is back up everything before you do anything ..
commented Jul 30, 2012 by sebastianq28 (591 points)
i custom built my PC so i have the originall win 7 intall disks.

u seem to be knowledgeable. do you know what i mean when i say i dont feel like mentioning the other os?
commented Jul 30, 2012 by jadtechnic (2,001 points)
no clue really though not sure why you dont want to say what OS it is  kinda leaves us a little short on details to help other then formating that area of the drive and using it as second drive storage each OS and each boot loader differs in how it works and how it uninstalls leaveing the boot sector intact ..

all I can tell you is this if the data is not important enough to back up to do this its not important enough to worth about reformate the whole drive reinstall win7 ..

I have a dual boot system  at this point I  bought the lap top with win7 I booted it once to install ubuntu and I have not used win 7 since I should have just wiped it from the start trying to boot win7 after after 7 month of non use will be like worse then pulling teeth  would take a month  just to get all the  up dates ..
commented Jul 30, 2012 by sebastianq28 (591 points)
TJ Lets PRETEND you were correct.which ur not .
 do u have any knowledge on the matter?
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answered Jul 30, 2012 by TjWallas (271 points)
If your other system is Linux (For example: Ubuntu) and you are using the GRUB bootloader then the following links might help:

 - [Ask Ubuntu: Uninstalling from a dual-boot system.](
 - [Safely uninstall Ubuntu from a windows dual-boot PC](
 - [The Non-Geek’s Guide To Safely Uninstall Ubuntu From A Dual-Booting Machine](
commented Jul 30, 2012 by jadtechnic (2,001 points)
yes and no them links might be useful and no they may not be depends if they only have acess to the computer they are using  which is why I go with simpler detail like I did ...

best bet back up crash the whole thing start over  :)
commented Jul 30, 2012 by sebastianq28 (591 points)
Confuison. how do i only backup windows??
commented Jul 30, 2012 by sebastianq28 (591 points)
commented Jul 30, 2012 by jadtechnic (2,001 points)
you dont need to really back up windows just your data files docs and such ..

you can do this on cd, dvd, finger drive, external or second hard drive more commonly used today cloud server  such as skydrive, ubuntu one, Icloud, drop box if you had ubuntu would not only back up your muis  files document  and such but would also back up your personal settings  for the OS  ..

process is pretty painless on cloud just  list of directorys you wnat to syncronize so long as  the amount of data is not more then the drive space you have free or paid ..
commented Jul 30, 2012 by sebastianq28 (591 points)
oh alright. so once everything is backed up how do i go on to starting from scratch like clearing my WHOLE HARD DRIVE then Re-installing windows?
commented Jul 30, 2012 by pjob797 (2,635 points)
If you do not want to save anything, do custom install and let it format the HDD
commented Jul 30, 2012 by jadtechnic (2,001 points)
make a win 7 recovery disk
once that is done format the partition with the OS you dont want  reeapand the volim so its one big drive again then put the win 7 disk in and let it go full install ..
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answered Jul 31, 2012 by ClosetFuturist (1,891 points)
Make sure your Win7 install is backed up. Then you remove the partition that the unwanted OS resides in. Then you overwrite the master boot record. The console command is "fixmbr". Then use your partitioning tool to partition your drive as needed. I've done it countless times.
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answered Aug 1, 2012 by sebastianq28 (591 points)
ok so i did everything and now i have a problem... i think the old partition still exists -.-

![alt text][1]

  [1]: /upfiles/Capture_58.PNG

how can i combine em?
commented Aug 1, 2012 by jadtechnic (2,001 points)
expsand the volume of the windows partition to take over  the old partitioned area ..

works the same as shrinking only  the other way around  or format and use the  space for like music library
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answered Aug 1, 2012 by sebastianq28 (591 points)
![alt text][1]

  [1]: /upfiles/Untitled_64.png

it wont let me click on extend
commented Aug 1, 2012 by ClosetFuturist (1,891 points)
You'll have to use a rartitioning tool from a disk or flash drive. I like GPartEd but there are many to chose from. When it's done it will probably run Checkdisk and reinstall the HDD driver automatically.
commented Aug 1, 2012 by TjWallas (271 points)
Using [EaseUs partition manager]( (Free), you can [expand]( the partitions even if windows doesn't allow it. You can also create a partition in the unallocated space and [merge]( C: and the new one together without any data-loss.
commented Aug 1, 2012 by jadtechnic (2,001 points)
remember also has to be formated  with MIcrosoft format not ext 4 or it wont expand ..
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answered Aug 2, 2012 by sebastianq28 (591 points)
![alt text][1]

  [1]: /upfiles/Capture_59.PNG

commented Aug 2, 2012 by TjWallas (271 points)
You're welcome. Congratulations =D !
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