Whats a good computer case?

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asked Jun 5, 2010 by Coop66 (1,118 points)
Right now I'm looking for a good computer case to start building my first PC. I've searched Ebay.com and Newegg.com for some nice cases but I'd also like some advice from the geek community. Advice?

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answered Jun 5, 2010 by Craighton (16,556 points)
I really live the THermaltake Spedo. That is the best cast I have found. It comes with two kits, the fan kit and the water cooling kit. http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/product.aspx?c=1400&id=1829
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answered Jun 5, 2010 by Tharun (4,100 points)
**Try buy a cooler master PC case!**

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answered Jun 7, 2010 by Coop66 (1,118 points)
Those are awesome. Any chance you could recommend some cheaper ones. I like those but I'm on a students budget.
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answered Jun 7, 2010 by lq (49,870 points)
I like the Corsair brand.
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answered Jun 7, 2010 by AndrewFtNguyen (7,666 points)
ive been looking at this for a really long time. solid and good airflow.
plus its got blue led. im a sucker for LED. i would light my room with LED
![alt text][1]

  [1]: http://images17.newegg.com/is/image/newegg/11-129-021-S12?$S180W$
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answered Jun 7, 2010 by robdun (76 points)
I love the Antec 300 case. Its sleek, black and overall looks nice. My friends like the Antec 900.