What will be the iPad killer?

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asked Jun 5, 2010 by Matthew (8,581 points)
What do you think will be the ultimate iPad kill (If Any)? With so many company's now planning to come out with there own tablet devices (Microsoft, HP, Samsung and even Google)  there will be some that are much better then others.

What do you think?

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answered Jun 5, 2010 by Simon (621 points)
The HP Slate. No DRM messing about, 32/64GB, Wifi/3G, STYLUS(actual graphics use), Nice build, 5+ Hrs useage.
commented Jun 5, 2010 by Matthew (8,581 points)
Simon Smith, I agree ;)
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answered Jun 5, 2010 by FilipinoPower (13,005 points)
Even though the iPad in terms of specs is a crappy device. It's a good device when you get your hands on it (its just in it's early stages because all it is, is a big iPod touch, but the same thing could be said about the iPod touch all it was, was a slimmed down iPhone). But I don't think that there is going to be an iPad killer mainly and my example is the iPhone plenty of companies said that they have created the "iPhone Killer" when in actuality the phones where, for lack of a better term, crap.
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answered Jun 5, 2010 by AppleHack23 (3,711 points)
The next iPad will be the iPad killer. Thats the same thing with the iPhone. The next iPhone is the iPhone killer. Nothing else beats it. The reasons anyone has why they think a different device wins over the iPhone, I can give you reasons as to why it doesn't.
commented Jun 5, 2010 by Tim Fontana (16,355 points)
wtf, apple fanboy much? the iPad is nothing special as is the iPhone, they're just well designed in the looks department. The specs of all apple products are ridiculous for the prices. and their made almost impossible to upgrade. take th enew iMac for example; new hdd, suction cut the screen off? A lot of devices have wins over the iPhone. Think of the new sony x10, bigger screen, rapeage camera, nicer os, more apps in the android store. The only reason there will not be an iPad killer is because of stubborn people like you thinking that apple are the best thing in the worldl
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