Is ther a way to update ipod touch on ubuntu?

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asked Jun 7, 2010 by dylanm97 (11 points)
as you all know... the iphone 4g just came out or has been anounced. well i have ubuntu 10.04 with the libimobiledevice intalled and i can manage my music but libimobiledevice does not have the update feature on it. i want to update my ipod to the ios4 when i comes out.

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answered Jun 7, 2010 by lq (49,870 points)
Use a Windows virtual machine.
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answered Jun 7, 2010 by almostwo (245 points)
you will need to do the next steps.

> sudo aptitude install gtkpod ifuse

> mkdir /media/ipod
sudo chmod 777 /media/ipod
sudo adduser YOURUSERNAME ifuse

Now let's make the iPod / iPhone to be mounted automatically at boot ifuse gtkpod:

> sudo gedit /usr/bin/ipod

Write to the file:

ifuse /media/ipod

We save it and close and give you the appropriate permissions:

> sudo chmod 777 /usr/bin/ipod

Now let's modify the launcher menu to boot directly instead of gtkpod start the script we created earlier:

System -> Preferences -> Main Menu -> Applications -> Sound & Video -> gtkpod Manager -> Properties
Change the command gtkpod for ipod and close everything.

It's done, now you can connect your iPod / iPhone and open gtkpod from Applications -> Sound & Video -> gtkpod iPod Manager
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