What is the meaning of this picture?

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asked Jun 8, 2010 by CiphersSon (1,376 points)
![alt text][1]

 1. How many [spheres][2] are in the diagram?

 2. What position in the grid does the computer that calculates the [Question][3] to the Ultimate Answer occupy?

 3. The barcode is the number as an Interleaved[__][4] 2 of 5 barcode

 4. [Considering][5] red-hued spheres (red, purple, orange, black) as a '1' and those without as a '0', what number does each line represent in decimal form?

 5. What number do the blue-tinted spheres (blue, green, purple, black) spell out?

 6. What number is represented by Roman numerals spelled out by the yellow-tinted spheres (yellow,orange, green, black) in the first three rows?

o and one more thing don't [forget...][6]

  [1]: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3075/2696287097_ed4c130a4a.jpg
  [2]: http://bit.ly/aYwWdv
  [3]: http://bit.ly/ddJG9m
  [4]: http://blueberrytotem.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/dont-panic.jpg
  [5]: http://bit.ly/aRFD2C
  [6]: http://bit.ly/bQGtx1
commented Jun 8, 2010 by Seb (23,610 points)
FYI I deleted those comments to annoy you, and get me a badge :P
commented Jun 8, 2010 by CiphersSon (1,376 points)
you'll never annoy me :-P

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answered Jun 8, 2010 by Seb (23,610 points)
1. Those are pixels that represent spheres, not spheres. 0. Just kidding... 42?
2. 42?
3. 42?
4. 42?
5. 42?
6. 42?
... Wait, I think the answer is over 9000!
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