Should I convert to Mac?

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asked Jun 9, 2010 by Nelson93 (51 points)
Need to know your opinion. I'm 16 and looking to buy my first Mac(probably Mac mini). Love to know what you think. :)
commented Jun 9, 2010 by Livegeek (7,615 points)
Are you willing to wait one more year till you have more money?

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answered Jun 9, 2010 by lq (49,870 points)
Go for it if you want. Have you tried Linux? If you have not, you should. It is based off of Unix just like a Mac is. I love Windows, I switched from Windows to Linux and I'm never going back.
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answered Jun 9, 2010 by Livegeek (7,615 points)
Don't buy a mac mini! Since it hasn't good power. Try to wait litlle longer to get a imac or the cheapest mac pro (when it's updated)
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answered Jun 9, 2010 by Nelson93 (51 points)
I enjoy Linux but can't take the plunge and partition my hard drive + grub keeps on going into rescue mode.
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answered Jun 9, 2010 by trueb (80,880 points)
I'm a PC fan sorry but i am, so naturally i will say PC. the PC is open technology, anyone can make and sell one thanks to IBM and the Technical Reference Manual they released for there PC in the hopes to not be sued.

on the Mac everything is closed, to there credit the have more control over it and it is more reliable because of that.

just my thoughts
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answered Jun 9, 2010 by Sxynerd (461 points)
You can make just about any OS do what it is you want it to do but the question really is: What field will you be spending most of your time in and what is considered to be the industry standard?

Also, It can never hurt to learn cross platforms and how to integrate files and software.
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answered Sep 5, 2010 by fakeman (176 points)
If you do multimedia , videos browsing the web and checking your email its probbaly the mac platform.
Get started with just a macbook. Its what i do and what im gunna do. But rong the mac mini is pretty power full. But you need to buy your own vga port or somming if you want to use or start with it.
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answered Sep 5, 2010 by swinnie (771 points)
If you absolutely require a Mac for anything you need to do, say working in FinalCutPro etc, then that is when a Mac becomes a necessity.

I would, however, recommend looking at what you can get in terms of a PC and compare 'bang for buck'. If you've already got a lot of your software in Windows, and the licences aren't convertible, that is yet more money going the drain; in either converting the licences to Mac OS licences, or buying a copy of Windows that is able to run in Virtual Machine. (I'm unsure on the current lincence restrictions, though)
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answered Sep 5, 2010 by Uelogy (2,431 points)
One thing to consider with OS X is you could run Parallels, VMware or even just Boot Camp.

[UncleJohn converts to OS X](

Then you can get the best of both worlds.
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answered Sep 5, 2010 by Justin (8,441 points)
If you have some sort of job, I would suggest keep saving for an iMac.  The Mac Minis are underpowered...
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