Computer Snack Attack!! Do you eat and browse?

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asked Jun 10, 2010 by 602kid (1,950 points)
What food goes good with browsing the internet?
What's your favorite snack to eat while using the computer? Please share I'm hungry for new snacks!!

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answered Jun 10, 2010 by SongtotheKing (211 points)
Hot Pockets
Bagel Bites
Pizza rolls...

There are a lot of geek foods out there that are perfect for internet browsing. Get a smoothie with a straw and put it in front of u so u never have to grab it. YAY LAZINESS!!!
commented Jun 10, 2010 by 602kid (1,950 points)
Making me hungry already!!
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answered Jun 10, 2010 by Seb (23,610 points)
Tuna and lettuce sandwiches, on good wholemeal, five seed pumpkin bread... sometimes I add tomato and/or cheese :)
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answered Jun 10, 2010 by AMV_Ph34r (306 points)
I'll eat anything that's within reach, and doesn't involve me getting up from my seat (hush, i know i'm lazy). I usually end up consuming granola bars, oatmeal, sandwiches, soda, and various candy.
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answered Jun 10, 2010 by Jun Wong (95 points)
coca-cola or sprite with a bag of your favorite snack! (Cheetos?)
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answered Jun 10, 2010 by rocky05 (4,788 points)
Coke or sweet tea and popcorn.
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answered Jun 10, 2010 by SpencerC (30 points)
Anything I see really lol. Possibly some chips of some sort.
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answered Jun 10, 2010 by ageekmom (78,080 points)
Baked Doritos potato chips and a Dr. Pepper right now. Fine dining, I tell you! I still eat as if I were a teenage geek, and I need to follow Chris' lead and stop that crap (especially the soda.)
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answered Jun 10, 2010 by Craighton (16,556 points)
I like to eat healthy so what ever works for me, usually I will eat an apple or instead of eating I will have tea or some type of juice.
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answered Jun 10, 2010 by Pamela (186 points)
not really , i prob just make a cop of coffee and smoke shisha
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answered Jun 10, 2010 by Sxynerd (461 points)
Yeah, that's how I gain 100lbs.  After I got out of the military I was still recovering from injuries from when I was in Iraq.  Everyday I just got more depressed and everyday, I'd just sit in front of the computer and eat my double cheeseburgers and drink my diet coke.  I gained 100lbs over the course of a year and a half.  I'm now sitting at 287lbs.  For reference, I was running 50 mile ultra marathons at 180lbs the months prior to my last deployment in Iraq.

I blamed it on legs, then I blamed my back.  Finally I blame myself.  I'm starting a youtube fat guy vblog to help keep public accountability.  I haven't put up my video because of my apprehension but I will do it.

Hey everyone, do something active.  The internet will be there later to bore us some more later.  :0)  Good Luck and wish me luck.
commented Jan 19, 2013 by LunarEngineer (121 points)
Do it man! DO IT! Post the vids, (I'll subscribe!) get your head screwed on straight! You know how to, now DO IT! You were awesome! You can be that way again! I'm sure I speak for other vets when I say We're behind you!
Now get your lard ass out of that chair and take the first stem, then the next 10,000!