Google links redirects me to another website. Help?!

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asked Jun 19, 2010 by Whobase (31 points)
Whatever web browser I am on, 75% of the time when I search for something like Youtube, Lockergnome, Facebook, or anything I type, it redirects me to an advert which has absolutely nothing to do with what I search with. I've heard its something called malware. Is it? How do I remove it from my computer?! Please help! (Sometimes it redirects me to
commented Jun 19, 2010 by Mihkel (4,564 points)
Please give more facts! How you do and what you do in the correct order and everything you do.
commented Jun 19, 2010 by master (2,412 points)
That happens to me to sometimes. When I start up Firefox on my desktop it sometimes takes me to when my homepage is

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answered Jun 19, 2010 by Josh_M (2,661 points)
Check your hosts file: direct your computer to C:\ Windows \system32 \drivers \etc and open the hosts file with notepad. There will be ip addresses in it. Anything that doesn't start with 127.X.X.X is probably not good. Those X's could be any number i believe.
commented Jun 19, 2010 by Josh_M (2,661 points)
The backslash is not showing up. I believe you may be corrupted by malware. Go over to Cnet's [][1] and download Malwarebyte's antimalware and Spybot search and destroy and scan with those.

commented Jun 19, 2010 by archaeme (2,271 points)
the IP address you meant could be or *localhost* right?
commented Jun 20, 2010 by Josh_M (2,661 points)
Yeah, those are the good entries. Don't remove those.
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answered Jun 19, 2010 by AppleHack23 (3,711 points)
That happened to me once. My guess is that, since Google's server is so jam packed with advertisements, that it gets them confused. MobileMe mixed up my contact pictures because I had a lot, I guess its normal for the point in technology of where we are now. It never happened again so far, so if it was malware, it most likely would have happened soon after.
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answered Jun 20, 2010 by chadt4 (12,475 points)
I think you might be infected with malware. If you have antivirus installed, run a system check. If not, download a free program like Avast or AVG and run a search there.
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answered May 15, 2012 by gtanev1989 (1 point)
This is not Google's fault, you have the Google Redirect Virus - a very vicious computer virus and it is not only redirecting you to strange websites but some of these websites can install their malware/spyware software on your PC and harm it or worse - steal your personal information.

You can read more information about this virus and learn how to remove it permanently from here -

Good Luck!
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