Did u feel the earthquake today? (23/06/2010) Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto, Boston and New York city ?

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asked Jun 24, 2010 by ZIAD (531 points)
![alt text][1]Reports about the 5.5 magnitude earthquake are still rolling in, but accounts reflect that the tremors were felt through a huge portion of the northern United States and southern Canada — from Quebec to Boston, from New York City to the Ohio Valley, from Toronto to the Bay Cities. Pennsylvania is also reporting having had some tremors.
At this point, property damage is being reported in some areas, but no fatalities.
Use caution if you live in the affected areas. Be cautious about aftershocks, as they can often be as potent or greater than the initial quake.

  [1]: http://storage.canoe.ca/v1/dynamic_resize/?src=http://www.calgarysun.com/news/canada/2010/06/23/file623201055529PMaf191919.jpg&size=640x480&quality=90

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answered Jun 24, 2010 by AlecSilva (75 points)
I felt it here in Rhode Island. It felt like a rowing dock moving back and forth on the ocean!
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answered Jun 24, 2010 by ZIAD (531 points)
i felt it here in Ottawa!!!
i was working in the basement and i felt the wall is falling i couldn't go up to go outside it was really bad
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