iMovie for iPhone 4 background Music volume control

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asked Jun 26, 2010 by KitKat35 (1 point)
I recorded some video on my iphone4.  I edited it with iMovie.  I chose a theme to use the background music.  When I play it back, the music is louder than my voice in the video.  Is there a way to adjust the volume to "low" on the phone?  Also, my 10 year old son did a quick video, edited and added music.  He uploaded it to youtube directly from my phone and the quality was terrible!!! Surely others have noticed it too.  I was going to download my finished video to my iMac and then upload it to youtube based on your wise words, thank you.  I just gotta fix that music.  I've searched for an answer, but I don't think I have looked hard enough.  Thank you!!

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