Should I Live Stream from My Hotel Room?

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asked Jul 7, 2010 by chris (16,490 points)
I'm going to be working on a top secret project for a month's time (starting tomorrow) in a remote location. As such, I won't be in my home office in Seattle.

Should I be picking up some kind of FireWire camera, capable of broadcasting widescreen video - if only to live stream my existence from the hotel room over the next 30 days? Or... what?

If you think I should live stream from my hotel room this month, please let me know what affordable widescreen/HD capable FireWire camera I might get for the task. I really don't wanna spend tons of money on it, mind you.
commented Jul 7, 2010 by Seb (23,610 points)
I see what you're doing thar, chris. Firewire = Apple propaganda! :P jk I don't know what "cheap" means to you... What's your budget? (digital video cameras can cost $24K so to you $800 might not be much, but I personally wouldn't spend more than $250 on something like this ;)
commented Jul 7, 2010 by CiphersSon (1,376 points)
i had an idea for a little project that would take me about a week to do related to the lockergnome community but i have another project that is sucking the life out of me lol.
commented Jul 8, 2010 by Craighton (16,556 points)
Chris Make sure to check with the hotel about excessive bandwidth. Do you remember last time when you tried to stream from the hotel and they shut you down
commented Jul 16, 2010 by Jared Nelson (331 points)
Chris I got a question for you. Is the Android phone from Verizon better than the iphone 4?
commented Jul 16, 2010 by Jared Nelson (331 points)
yes chris i want to see you in arizona and see what you do

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answered Jul 7, 2010 by ericjess (91 points)
Yes you should post deffently do that! Hotel Fun 24/7 of Course with mute at night, unlessit is a suite?

Find a resonable priced firewire camcorder on eBay, or amazon.

Have a great time!
Hoping you gunna stream
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answered Jul 7, 2010 by CiphersSon (1,376 points)
Well i hope you do stream that would be cool. However i don't use fire wire so i can't be of much help there. But at least now you got me intrigued to be checking in to see what your up to lol
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answered Jul 7, 2010 by Maeurd (1,581 points)
Though I've not used them myself, if you're using a Mac in your hotel room, I think a good choice would be the [Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro for Mac][1] ( link) or [Logitech Webcam Pro 9000][2] (not sure if the second is a FireWire camera), because they claim to be capable of recording video in HD (720P), although the product description of both cameras does not state the frames per second for video recording.

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answered Jul 7, 2010 by Madison Tries (6,121 points)
Yes you should. But not 24/7 And it doesn't need to be a big camera like you have in you home office for live streaming. Something like this would be good: But its not Fire wire. You might be able to get a usb to firewire adapter on amazon. That is; if they exist.
commented Jul 16, 2010 by archaeme (2,271 points)
Macbooks have USB. So Chris doesn't need a firewire port.
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answered Jul 7, 2010 by locust (266 points)
I think a hotel stream would definately help keep things fresh on the site. A month with no live Chris feed would be unbearable for some.

As far as the camera itself, I think even the built-in iSight would work okay, especially on the recent models, but having a seperate physical camera would help open up a lot of view options.

Maybe just point it out the window a little for when you're out of the room, or when you're sleeping at night, so it's not just pointed at a wall or something.

You just want to make sure you choose an outside view with as little recognizable landmarks as possible. Giving folks the opportunity to pinpoint your exact location might not work out well. :)
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answered Jul 7, 2010 by Danish (375 points)
Chris, you have got loads of webcams at home. You should have just taken one mate. Anyway, I think that you should so then people will start to think, where has he gone, not seen him for 29 days and then stop viewing you altogether.

It doesn't have to be too much tech stuff. It can be like iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad updates, or loads of other small things. I mean, if you don't live stream for a month people will start not liking you and then they will stop watching.

Now that I have found out that you are out of the office, I know I can't keep up to date, because I usually watch your videos to keep up to date. I bought the Opsimus Maximus that you said and I also even signed up for because of your videos.

So please keep live streaming, and don't forget, they don't have to be unboxings or reviews, it can just be recommendations and updates. When you are busy or out of your hotel room, you can just switch the live stream video source back to Seattle.


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answered Jul 7, 2010 by Jan Cauchi (436 points)
Probably not if you are connected with the Hotel's Internet service... If you have your own mobile internet, then give it a try... I will not be surprised with the quality and performance
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answered Jul 7, 2010 by r0bErT4u (83,750 points)

You can use my old video camera (JVC GR-DVM5) ![alt text][1]. It has FireWire.

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answered Jul 7, 2010 by VideoNurse (1,261 points)
Ellen and I are going to hijack your livestream from your home, so your fans can keep watching Wicket and Pixie.

Personally, I think you should NOT livestream 24/7 from the hotel; and of course, the peeps in your group will tell you what your limitations are anyways.

You could make one funny video every single day of your trip out there.

Or, we (Ellen and I) will start talking about you like you're deceased (but tell your parents and fam first, OK?).

Either way, don't forget to take advantage of that pool you got there (once in the morning, once in the evening). And try some cactus salsa for me (with PopChips instead of corn chips).
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answered Jul 7, 2010 by rocky05 (4,788 points)
The Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro for Mac might be the best choice.
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