Why is this site so pro-Macintosh?

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asked Jul 9, 2010 by Shininggold (761 points)
I love this site, but it seems like the questions that are asked in it pertain mostly to either Apple or Macintosh products. I understand that Chris' fan-base is very much pro-Mac/Apple, but that in of itself might as well be the same question.

In fact, Chris' most popular videos on YouTube very rarely have anything to do with Apple/Mac, barring his most popular video--iPod Sex Video--and I doubt that people clicked on that video expecting an in-depth Apple discussion.
commented Jul 10, 2010 by MichaelTheGeek2 (1 point)
Well is should not be:)

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answered Jul 9, 2010 by AppleHack23 (3,711 points)
It's all Apple, Apple manufactures Macs. And there's only one reason why everyone talks about Apple on here.......because it's the best company in the whole world!
commented Jul 10, 2010 by Shininggold (761 points)
I pray that you're being sarcastic. And that the 3 people who thumbs'd  you up were, too. If your logic made any sense whatsoever then it would also suggest that the majority of people in the world love Macs, and that is not the case.
commented Jul 10, 2010 by AppleHack23 (3,711 points)
Actually you're wrong, the majority of the people in the world do or would love Macs, the people that already do, most likely can't afford one, or already have on and love it, and the people who currently don't, don't know about them just yet. And then theres the people who don't like them at all, and start bashing people for everything they say, just because they said the word "Apple" once.
commented Jul 10, 2010 by Thyrth (406 points)
I added a thumbs up I do love Macs I'm just on windows for the time being
commented Jul 10, 2010 by Shininggold (761 points)
AppleHack, you live in quite a bubble there, don't you?
commented Jul 10, 2010 by Seb (23,610 points)
AppleHack23: I know enough about Macs. I can afford one, but I don't care for them. We only bash you because you're a sheep. You either can't afford a Lenovo, or you already have one and love it, or you just don't know about them yet. Thus, your opinion is biased.
commented Jul 28, 2010 by sulljason (2,366 points)
That is your opinion not a fact so it has no bearing on the question.
commented Aug 13, 2010 by BrunoMCP (560 points)
Seb, "your opinion is biased"?
How could an opinion not be biased?
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answered Jul 9, 2010 by Leapo (2,236 points)
I'd love to hear an explanation for that particular trend on this site as well. The blind Apple bias many users here project is really starting to drive me off.

I've just now noticed a disturbing trend. On average, pro-Apple posts on this board get more karma awarded to them than equally relevant Apple-neutral or Apple-negative posts. Since there's currently an arms-race to reach 100000 karma points, anyone who has noticed this trend (even subconsciously) may begin posting pro-Apple in order to increase their rate of karma-gain. If these same people also begin voting pro-apple due to this subconscious effect, then it becomes a vicious cycle.

In short: Karma may be biasing and lowering the quality of the questions and answers on this site.

Getting rid of the prizes (and moderation privileges) for earning karma (or ditching the karma system altogether) is probably the only way to stop this cancerous spread.
commented Jul 9, 2010 by Seb (23,610 points)
There's an interesting blog post on this. It has something to do with "[Help Vampires][1]", and I'd suggest anyone on this site who doesn't want to be one of them read it.

Nonetheless, don't be put off by the sheep. Many of them are only 14 year old infants, anyway. They don't know any better. Those youngsters haven't had any experience with HP, Dell, Acer, IBM, Lenovo, etc, etc. How would they know how to judge those companies? Don't try to teach them anything if they won't listen.

Regarding the trend, if you were here not long ago you would have noted that I was banned for a series of *hateful* comments directed at a number of individuals. One of them was a humorous stab at this trend, something along the lines of: *Only idiots get viruses. Since Mac users are superior, they'll never get a virus.* heh.

  [1]: http://slash7.com/2006/12/22/vampires/
commented Jul 9, 2010 by archaeme (2,271 points)
Keep the Keyboard thing and the karma.

But encourage people to get their socks out of Macs and tech in general.

I am a geek, but I did post a couple of non-tech posts. And so did Chris.
commented Oct 31, 2010 by HHBones (4,065 points)
Seb-I'm 14, and I barely consider myself an "infant", as I own code in the Linux kernel and I've built and troubleshot my own system. And I have had experience with HP, IBM, and Dell. So, please don't suggest that age has anything to do with intelligence or computer savvy in general.
commented Nov 1, 2010 by Seb (23,610 points)
You're 20 according to your profile. Why wasn't this question allowed to die? What's the difference between *p++ and ++p[0]?
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answered Jul 9, 2010 by CJS7070 (491 points)
I've used Macs, I've used PCs.  Personally I prefer Macs, but I'll still use a PC with Windows without complaint.

Not sure how many other people here are like that, though...
commented Jul 10, 2010 by Thyrth (406 points)
yeah same here I get a whole two periods of highschool with just macs in the room
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answered Jul 9, 2010 by lq (49,870 points)
Because Apple is so great at all of the advertising and making things seem better than they really are. Apple made the pixel density of the iPhone 4 seem so amazing and new. In reality I could see HTC or a company like that making something better, and not giving it a marketing term, so it does not seem as amazing to people.

I personally don't like Apple. Apple is too controlling, I want the users to be in control, not the company. I don't use Windows either. Microsoft makes some pretty stupid mistakes. I think Microsoft was a better company before Gates left.

I personally don't care about aesthetics much. I personally prefer to get a full tower case to build a system and be able to upgrade it to whatever I want later on. Apple is very different. They make a smaller Mac Mini that is at a decent price. They also make a Mac Pro which is a little too expensive for most consumers. I can't personally afford an Apple computer. My opinions might change if I end up using an Apple computer as my main machine for a few months.

I think that Apple should remove a lot of the restrictions they have. They know how to make a great operating system and I think it should be able to run on any machine. I don't care if Apple has a version of OSX that works with anything, and one that works on only their computers. Maybe Apple should allow the previous version of OSX work on any computer while the newest version only will work on a Mac. That will allow Apple to let anyone try the operating system and begin to like it, and then they will see the great additions that having an actual Mac will have and they will think about getting a Mac so they can have all of the new features.

Apple should try to remove some of the control they have on everything. They should loosen up. By the way I'm a Linux user.
commented Jul 9, 2010 by AppleHack23 (3,711 points)
Well see, Apple likes to have control, for the best user experience possible. If Apple has control, nothing can go wrong. And this is what makes Apple so successful, because you don't hear about anybody's personal information being jeopardized, you don't hear about viruses. If Apple has control of what you put on your iOS device, it insures no inappropriate content, no viruses, no spyware, no scam apps, keeps your battery the way it was intended, keeps your device running fast. And that's Apple's thing. Trust me, if Apple gives up control, you're going to be pretty unhappy when iTunes says Apple no longer provides the firmware for your device when you need to restore because you got a virus.
commented Jul 9, 2010 by lq (49,870 points)
That is somewhat true. You still see some personal information getting leaked from Apple devices, like the iPad not that long ago. Also iTunes had a few problems not that long ago. And Macs can get viruses and spyware, every operating system has viruses and spyware. It is just that not many have been written for the Mac because at the moment Windows is most popular.
commented Jul 9, 2010 by AppleHack23 (3,711 points)
Notice how I said an iOS device. And iTunes did not have problems, there was a hacker who was phising people into giving him their passwords for iTunes. Also, that vulnerable information was on AT&T's side, there's a part in the iPad where you can sign up for a data plan and have to use an email address. AT&T and Apple are two different companies.
commented Jul 9, 2010 by Leapo (2,236 points)
Lets not forget all the old exploits that showed back up in the iPad's version of mobile safari.

They did some type of code regression when developing the new version of iOS, and forgot to patch the browser back up. This resulted in quite a few old hacks becoming viable again.
commented Jul 9, 2010 by AppleHack23 (3,711 points)
iOS has been out for over 3 1/5 years, and there has never been a virus on stock firmware, what makes you think there'll be one now? Even if a hacker discovered an exploit in Safari, they would have to disable quite a few security checks, along with the fact that they'll have to open the file system, which by definition, would be Jailbreaking. Then, they'd have to create an application capable of accessing the device's file system. It would take an extreme amount of work, and time.
commented Jul 9, 2010 by Leapo (2,236 points)
Not with the exploits that were re-introduced with the iPad's version of Safari.

Remember those early exploits on the iPhone 2G that could jailbreak the phone just by clicking a button on a webpage? Those types of exploits were reintroduced and began working again.

Apple has since patched the device up again, but it shows that they are far from creating bulletproof software. A regression that huge should have been detected by Q&A.
commented Jul 9, 2010 by AppleHack23 (3,711 points)
You're talking about the Spirit Jailbreak I assume? Spirit is a userland Jailbreak, which may have confused you, because userland exploits don't always mean theres exploits within Safari. Userland exploits means theres an exploit after the OS is booted. For traditional Jailbreaks, exploits are found in bootland. In userland, since the OS is already booted and has an exploit, there is no need for the new bootrom keys.
commented Jul 9, 2010 by Leapo (2,236 points)
No, I'm talking about the jailbreak that worked on the original iPhone 2G on AT&T's network. All you had to do was go to a website, click a button, and your phone was jailbroken.

This exploit was patched on the iPhone, but made a re-appearance on the iPad's version of Safari. This made the iPad very vulnerable to viruses for the period of time it took Apple to re-patch the issue.
commented Jul 9, 2010 by Seb (23,610 points)

Exploit is the wrong term here. "Exploits" or exploit software is code that is written to take advantage of a vulnerability or flaw in the logic of another program.

A userland vulnerability is a vulnerability that exists in userland software. Safari runs in userland, so a flaw in Safari is a userland vulnerability.

A vulnerability in an OSes jailing system implies that the kernel is vulnerable. That's not a userland vulnerability. Kernel vulnerabilities may be exploited from userland, and the type that you're referring to commonly are.
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answered Jul 9, 2010 by Ross Walker (1,431 points)
I don't know, and I don't personally care. If Chris wants to spend his time helping Mac users over PC users that's just his choice. As long as he doesn't put <s>my baby</s> ubuntu down, I'm fine with him.
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answered Jul 9, 2010 by r0bErT4u (83,750 points)
![alt text][1]

I think LockerGnome Apple Lemmings are biased towards Apple, Inc. because they blindly follow the Apple Propaganda & Hype without question.  Apple could excrete an expensive bad product, and they would still buy.  They media would go WOW! (old technology repackaged).  iPhone was Cisco's.  WindowsCE, PocketPC, UMPC, TabletPC, Surface were Microsoft.

The same LockerGnome Apple Lemmings will defend Apple Products like pawns in chess.

I use an iPhone, but I'll jump to a better phone & plan after my contract.


I forgot to answer the question:  I think the Mac bias is because they want to be like Chris.  If Chris worked on a custom built Hackintosh, they'd build a Hackintosh.  If Chris gave a raving review of the HTC EVO 4G, they'd get it ... Just a bunch of groupies

  [1]: http://stilgherrian.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/20070928-400.jpg
commented Jul 10, 2010 by Seb (23,610 points)
Apple is a company. If Apple didn't exist, then many of the employees at the time would have worked elsewhere (likely Microsoft).
commented Jul 10, 2010 by AppleHack23 (3,711 points)
And if Apple didn't exist' we'd still be using dumb phones now.
commented Jul 10, 2010 by Seb (23,610 points)
You need to sort your facts out from your beliefs AppleHack23. How do you know Windows wouldn't exist? How do you know we'd still "be using dumb phones"? Are you some sort of time lord?

... I think there's someone in a parallel universe named OrangeHack23 blabbering on about how there would be no MacOSX if Orange didn't exist.
commented Jul 28, 2010 by sulljason (2,366 points)
I love the graphical representation of the joke! lol I buy Windows OS to feel closer to Bill! XD I think your onto something with the groupie thing.
commented Aug 13, 2010 by Tim Fontana (16,355 points)
it would be orangehack32 :D
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answered Jul 9, 2010 by alexleiphart (1,881 points)
Apple is the place to be. Truly. Windows is another world, and most of Chris' supporters are Mac'es.
commented Jul 10, 2010 by Shininggold (761 points)
Stop trying to spin this into a Mac vs. PC topic. It's not.
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answered Jul 9, 2010 by StigJensen (206 points)
Well... I don't want to throw any stones or point any fingers at anyone, but it's a sad fact that Apple does a lot of advertising and that so many people buys the lies.
A Mac today is virtually the same as a PC, hardware wise, and it have an appealing design to boot (which is in my opinion not very practical)...  it is a shame that OS X really sucks.

I have been a Mac/PC user for 20 years and the truth is that OSX can't handle many tricky tasks that Windows and Linux can (at least not yet).
commented Jul 9, 2010 by StigJensen (206 points)
In other words...    if you would like a quality system NOT windows 7, go with Ubuntu (Linux)
commented Jul 9, 2010 by Seb (23,610 points)
Actually, despite the devils advocate aura, I don't hate MacOSX. Credit where credit due, it is a true Unix. To be a Unix these days means strict conformance to the POSIX standard (and money). That obviously takes masses of time and effort. There's nothing wrong with standardization. In fact, I wish Windows would be more standard compliant! It'd make software development far easier. :P
commented Jul 9, 2010 by StigJensen (206 points)
Hahaha..   actually..  windows IS the standard these days.
(even if it's kind of sad)
commented Jul 9, 2010 by Seb (23,610 points)
Wrong. Unix won the OS war long before Windows existed. In fact, Windows 2000 and above does implement POSIX.1. The problem is, that's not compliant enough for my liking :P.

[Microsoft has a page dedicated to developing POSIX-compliant code for Windows][1].

  [1]: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb463220.aspx
commented Jul 9, 2010 by StigJensen (206 points)
Well... i agree that windows still have a long way to go before everyone is happy...  and I also agree that UNIX is a good system, BUT that dosent change the fact that windows are the "inofficial" standard today, and will be the "official" standard in a near future...   it's all about the market share and the money!

But for a c64/retro freak like myself, that stuff dosent matter, im still goiung to sit here doing my own stuff until the day i die.
commented Jul 9, 2010 by StigJensen (206 points)
BTW.. what was the question?
commented Jul 9, 2010 by Seb (23,610 points)
1. In POSIX it's possible to use standard C file functions to read from sockets, pipes, ports, etc. In Windows separate API functions are required for reading from sockets and pipes. This is painful for development, as it means branching off just to port to Windows when your code already runs fine on every other OS on the planet. There are a lot of other examples similar to this.
2. The Windows API is bloated with deprecated GUI functions (among others). It takes some 70 lines of code just to display a simple window when using the Windows API. GUI interfaces evolve too much to ever be considered 'standard'. POSIX defines no GUI, so Unix systems aren't required to have a GUI. If they do, however, it's their choice how they implement it. The choices are typically X, gnome or kde.
3. C was initially designed for Unix. C++ was initially designed to be an extension of C. Everything comes from what was once the Unix operating system.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a Windows user by default, and I jump through the hoops to make sure my code runs on just about any platform imaginable. There are things they do right, in my books. Standards just aren't one of them.
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answered Jul 9, 2010 by BeigeGenius (251 points)
A lot of the "pro apple" are new to apple products and to them it's exciting to try products which are "different" to what they are use to.
I was excited about my first mac, but I haven't bought a second!
Simply because in my opinion apple products are overpriced compared to machines available from other manufacturers.
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answered Jul 9, 2010 by archaeme (2,271 points)
I think it is because, like others said, most of Chris' community ***is pro apple*** (no offence to Chris).


I prefer other platforms because Apple made the mistake

 - To restrict the iPhone to AT&T in the US. (Rogers in Canada is better)
 - To only legally allow Mac OS X on their Macs
 - To lock down their apps on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad to App Store ones w/o jailbreaking
 - To support open standards and not open source.


But it's just how Chris' community works.
commented Jul 10, 2010 by AppleHack23 (3,711 points)
Your first statement is wrong. Rogers, Bell, and Fido in Canada carry the iPhone, along with just about every other GSM based carrier in the world.
Mac OS X is only allowed on their Macs so that way they know it runs stable, rather than crappy drivers programmed on Windows, which cause it to not work with some computers.
Apple has an approval process on the App Store to make sure no viruses, spyware, or malicious code gets onto your device. To make sure people don't charge you more money without your permission, to make sure that no fake bank apps get on your device and steal your banking information, credit card number, and SSN like what happened on Android. Apple keeps it clean to make sure your phone runs as advertised.
commented Jul 10, 2010 by Seb (23,610 points)
Actually, his first statement is 100% perfectly acceptable. Archaeme started that sentence with "I think ...", so it's clearly an opinion he/she's stating. Are you trying to tell us he/she doesn't really hold that opinion? How do you know what's in archaeme's head?
commented Jul 10, 2010 by AppleHack23 (3,711 points)
No not the first sentence. Read my thing again. I was talking about his first bullet. What does Rogers, Bell, and Fido have to do with "I think it is because, like others said, most of Chris' community is pro apple (no offence to Chris)."?
commented Jul 10, 2010 by Seb (23,610 points)
*No not the first sentence. Read my thing again. I was talking about his first bullet.*

I read *your thing* again. If you were talking about his first bullet, then you should specifically mention his first bullet. His first statement is not his first bullet. Your first statement is incorrect.

*What does Rogers, Bell, and Fido have to do with "I think it is because, like others said, most of Chris' community is pro apple (no offence to Chris)."?*

You tell me. You're the one using obscure and incorrect definitions of "statement" to describe the locality of your context.
commented Jul 10, 2010 by AppleHack23 (3,711 points)
And you're the one who should have figured, oh his first statement, hmm, he's talking about carrier, and its the first statement under the line. Okay, I'll give an answer for that then. Not the other sentence.
commented Jul 10, 2010 by Seb (23,610 points)
I would have made that assumption if there were a semi-colon after "Your first statement is wrong". The fact that a period was used means that I can't make the assumption that your first two sentences are connected in some way. I suggest taking your written communication more seriously.
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