Netflix app for iPad : Video-Out Issues

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asked Jul 24, 2010 by r0bErT4u (83,750 points)
[***Netflix app for iPad now provides video-out capabilities***][1]

I streamed some movies from Netflix to my iPad, then zapped those movies out to my TV via Apple Component AV Cable.  The issue is that the movies do NOT fill the whole screen.  Movies are displayed in small letterbox format with added borders on the left & right >=0\

![alt text][2] ![alt text][3] ![alt text][4] ![alt text][5]

* ***Is there a way to fill the screen from left to right without cropping?  
* Would purchasing an Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter make a difference?***

commented Sep 5, 2010 by r0bErT4u (83,750 points)
Latest NETFLIX update resolved the issue!

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