If your Mind was put into data. how many Bytes would it be?

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asked Aug 11, 2010 by David Ysmael Desider (86 points)
If your Mind was put into data. how many Bytes would it be?
I would think its about 6000000tb because of the complexity of the human brain containing emotoin and other characteristics such as its own conscience

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answered Aug 11, 2010 by kevin (35,790 points)
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> I would make this simple by giving you
> an idea about what it means brain
> storage. When you go out on a date
> with your girlfriend you can remember
> every single detail that happened that
> day before , during and after the
> date. What you were wearing what she
> was wearing the place you went to
> every single detail . you could recall
> everything that happened as if it was
> an extremely high definition recording
> but not just Video and audio, the
> smell , the weather her perfume what
> you were thinking how the food tasted
> how did you feel in your heart , with
> an extremely wide angle view , you can
> picture the whole place even if you
> weren't looking that instance at what
> happened , you can even see yourself
> and your date in infinite different
> angles. even yourself as a third
> person.
> So if we had an Extreme definition
> camera recording in every single angle
> plus a weather computer recording the
> weather , and another unknown types of
> recorders running simultaneously
> recording the thoughts , the smell,
> feelings ... etc . recording that
> single little fleeting date . You
> would need Infinite storage media to
> store. and if you could squeeze your
> mind a little bit you can remember and
> picture everything you have passed by
> though your entire lives. it's all
> stored in your mind using this super
> recording XD device. So I would say
> its infinite. The way brain stores
> data is not bits with ones and zeros.
> neither analog having infinite
> possible combinations . it can picture
> the data using little information
> about it . which storage media cant do
> at all.
> Now the idea behind this is when I
> gave you this little info I bet 80% of
> what you pictured was your own house.
> and the bedroom was your bedroom with
> the same bed the same decoration paint
> etc. the window and its view is you
> bedroom's or some other bedroom you
> have visited before in a hotel or
> someplace ... You probably never
> entered that house this way or done a
> hand stand before yet you pictured it
> in XD as if it was true using those
> little few lines of text info. this is
> how a brain stores data. X-Def video =
> few text lines = 100 bytes using a
> normal computer text processor. Tn
> other terms a 100 byte in a brain =
> more than 10 GB of XD video on a
> computer. a simple word "lake" 4
> letters 4 bytes you can visualize or
> imagine an infinite number of lakes
> more than 10 MegaPixels resolution.
> lets say this word gave you a picture
> of at least 100 different 10MP lakes =
> 1GB How about storing a study textbook
> of 1 MB into your brain which is
> extremely the simplest thing your
> brain can do. it would need more than
> 268435456 GB of imaging storage on a
> normal computer . how about what you
> studied and what you can study and
> learn ...

  [1]: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_much_data_can_the_brain_store
commented Aug 11, 2010 by David Ysmael Desider (86 points)
i think that doesn't apply to me because i have photographic memory :P
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answered Aug 11, 2010 by Yuma (2,416 points)
Well it would be infinite because we are always learning and never will seize learning.