Free website for Scouting?

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asked Aug 20, 2010 by RyGuy5320 (1,281 points)
Okay, So in addition to being a geek, I am also the Vice-President of a local Venture Crew (a division of the Boy Scouts of America.) I am looking to create a free website for our crew. I tried, but our advisor was spammed by popups of "love notes," despite a no ad script I placed on the page. Anyway, if you know of any good hosting site, please let me know. Here is what I need:

* An easy to understand editing interface - Not so simple that you can't customize anything, but not so complex I need to code in order to make the site.
* No ads - This is a must. We can't have ads that spam our visitors. Absolutely no ads (though a small credit to the hosting site I don't mind.)
* Relatively short domain name - Our domain name was That is short and simple. I would prefer not much longer than that.
* A decent variety of themes - I don't want to be stuck with a theme that doesn't fit our site.

I don't need a ton of hosting space, just enough that I can put up a few info pages with some pictures, plus maybe a couple forms and calendars.

If you know any service that can do this, or at least comes close, please do let me know. Any help at all will be appreciated!

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answered Aug 20, 2010 by lq (49,870 points)
I don't think you can go completely free very easily. I'd suggest trying out and, and after that you might be able to find some really cheap  hosting. I really like [Nearly Free Speech][1], they are really cheap. I'd just install on their hosting plan.

Most of the time free web hosting is not very good. Maybe you could get all the boy scout staff to put in a little bit of money to host the website, it really does not take much.

  [1]: http://
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