What is everything you need to build your own Gaming PC ?

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asked Aug 30, 2010 by Patxi (12,610 points)
Okay I was watching some of my old questions about how to build a PC and components for it, and also went to some of the questions about the same topic on the site and came across that everybody mentioned the same parts like motherboard, RAM and Graphics Card but I don't see anyone giving any wireless card/internet card, sound cards etc and I was wondering if I'm building my own gaming PC that means I don't need them, does the case come with internet and wireless and sound?

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answered Aug 30, 2010 by Granit (6,325 points)
I've noticed this myself quite a bit...  In most cases they tend to forget some the most essential components like the PSU, motherboard, and case.  The worst of it though, is the people who tend to give out the generalistic lists such as "Well you need ram, a CPU, and a video card."  It takes more than finding general components to build a computer.  I'm pretty sure you can't just go and stick an Intel Core 2 Duo into a socket designed for an Intel i7, and I also would need to make sure I get a PSU that can handle all the components' electrical needs as well as not going over board and inadvertently wasting power.

Most or almost all motherboards don't have wireless components integrated in, though they do tend to have Audio processors on them now... so a sound card is optional.  I can see people forgetting to mention a wireless card as it's also optional, though I think it should be added to any explanation of building a personal computer these days.
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answered Aug 31, 2010 by jwonno (521 points)
The reason for lack of Sound Cards in build guides is that most Motherboards have been able to support 5.1/7.1 HD sound without an expansion card for a few years now. As for Wireless Adapters, you will find that most dedicated gamers will exclusively use a wired connection for the internet as it typically gives better speed and stability for gaming.

In regards to what you need for a gaming pc, you need:

 - A PC Case with decent air-flow
 - A PSU with an adequate amount of wattage to power all your components and then some to be on the safe side.
 - A Motherboard + compatible Processor
 - A Heatsink & Fan for the CPU (preferably not the stock one)
 - A dedicated Graphics Card
 - Storage (HDD or SSD) for your Operating System and Game Data
 - An Optical Drive to read games in Disc Format

And these are optional:

 - Sound Card
 - Headset (with emulated Surround Sound)
 - Surround Sound Speakers
 - Wireless Adapter 802.11b/g/n
commented Sep 1, 2010 by djmoore711 (2,051 points)
If you're going for pure speed, and using a router and wireless NIC for gaming, make sure the router support 802.11n please. Heavy network traffic from multiple devices can eat up a 802.11g's 54Mbps, but the new 802.11n has 600Mbps. Plus the extended range, with higher throughput at those longer ranges, makes distance and walls no problem for the new 802.11n standard.

<A HREF="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.11n-2009">Wikipedia 802.11n Standard.</A><BR>
<A HREF="http://80211n.com/80211n-speed.html">Broadcom: The Power of N</A>
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answered Sep 1, 2010 by lopbox (46 points)
Hello, i am a computer network technician and my job is to build internet cafes here in Thessaloniki, Greece. For sure i will agree that all game users (who consider of playing an online game among others) will never think about a wireless card just because it levels down your speed. Also you can get a low-cost motherboard acer for example which is pretty good for it's money with a 5.1 surround sound card on board or 7.1 so. First of all and i am advising this not to just gaming users but to everyone, it is not the fastest cpu u want or the fastest graphics card that u want, it is RAM because games among other heavy programms need ALOT of ram even if u don't see it wanting so much ram at the beginning when u are on a virtual world for example and u are moving and the graphics will be changing and changing there you will notice how much ram it really needs so. So of cource you need a tower with not a normal PSU but i would advise a 600watts PSU to it because of all the power the graphics card will need and more power more stable it will be. I would advise also for you to get an AMD or even if u get an Intel processor and of cource a match motherboard for the processor you will have to notice a motherboard that supports Dual Channel for the ram modules so if you use 4 ram modules of 1Gb each (prefer Kingston) Even if you already have a computer that supports a plain DDR module it's ok as long as it supports dual channel at it's modules. So if you put it 4 same kind of modules it dual channels them and actually doubles the ram clock. So if you use for example a 400Mhz DDR 1Gb ram at all 4 modules it is like you have a 4Gb ram in total at 800Mhz ram clock speed although it writes that you have 400Mhz. Get it? Now if you can get that much ram that is enough for even an Athlon 3500+ 64bit which runs at 2.2Ghz and is 4 years old already but believe me with that ram you will be very satisfied. Now it is all about the gpu (graphics card) which depends on the money you want to spend on it. I believe that with 150 Euros any card you will get will be very decent for any game today and more money than that is just waste of money on a card that you will only reach it's peak 4 years from now with a game SO heavy that.. i don't know. For today that is enough. And in the end a 20 inch wide screen with 200 euros from acer will make up your day along with a 5.1 speakers along with a sub-woofer for pc which you can get with 70 euros. So i believe that in total of 800 euros you can build a fast enough and powered enough pc that for today's gaming it will be just great. More than that is just waste of money. As long as you keep in mind the TOO MUCH RAM and the 600watts PSU and a decent graphics card it is ok to have a small cpu because with a 2Ghz cpu and 4Gb ram and a 512Mb graphics card system i do believe that you will never reach for the cpu's peak although it sounds low. Even if the money is not the issue ok.. i would spend it on the graphics card NOT on the cpu and with a total of 1000 euros you will be great for even 4 years from now. More than that IS WASTE (3rd time i am saying this, this is my job believe me) Thanks for reading, bye :)
commented Sep 1, 2010 by jwonno (521 points)
Some good advice there but you many want to try some nicer formatting to make it easier to read, and watch your spelling.
commented Sep 1, 2010 by Patxi (12,610 points)
@lopbox thanx for the advice
commented Sep 2, 2010 by lopbox (46 points)
i am sorry about the spelling and any mistakes i make, i am Greek so english is not my native language.
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answered Sep 1, 2010 by Database (4,181 points)
Well since people have gave you a lot of answers, all's I can say is "Prepare yourself" and the only reason I am saying this is because a lot of things tend not to go the way you want during the building.
commented Sep 1, 2010 by Patxi (12,610 points)
hahaha I know that XD, and frankly talking I have not done it b4 and never watched someone doing it either.
commented Sep 2, 2010 by lopbox (46 points)
be really carefull when you are installing the graphics card and the ram to fit it perfectly, really push the ram inside and make sure the clips right and left are closed arround it and holding it. Make sure the cpu and the fan is perfectly clipped and holding it and the out most importand is to put every screw on the motherboard that is pointed to put without missing any screw because the screws holding the motherboard are not only screws BUT they are connections for the ground of the voltage and i have once burned 4 motherboards to learn this where i was working.. i made a 240 euros damage till i found out because i wasn't putting all the screws :P Make sure you have put the graphics card perfectly first the inner side and then the side of the plugs. To make sure you have put it right.. the correct position will be achieved when the graphics card will be in such a place in the motherboard so that it will perfectly fit the case's hole of the plugs of the graphics card and the screw being put at rear to hold it will not move the card more inside because the correct position is SO inside that it fits even without the screw.
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