Want to buy a new Computer motherboard?

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asked Aug 31, 2010 by JJiphone1 (169 points)
I have an old emachines home computer that i want to change the bc it slow and there like new mermery i want to. I know where to buy all this and I just dont know how i will know if all the other stuff will fix or work with a new motherboard.

2 Answers

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answered Aug 31, 2010 by airwolf (7,980 points)
JJ, why don't you try either Amazon or Ebay... I don't think that this is a Home Shopping Network..
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answered Aug 31, 2010 by djmoore711 (2,051 points)
Honestly, with prices as low as they are, just get a new System Unit.

If you're going to replace the motherboard, get ready to replace everything else. New CPU, RAM, PSU, GPU, the works.  If you try to match all the components to a new motherboard, you'll have to get one that is dated so everything will sync up--probably one damn close to the performance you have now.  

So, side with caution and common sense and get a new System Unit.  Keep all the peripherals and monitor, or maybe opt for a new monitor.  Knocking off the monitor can save a bit, though.  If it's old, don't try and upgrade from the floor up.
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