Apple music event predictions?

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asked Sep 1, 2010 by FilipinoPower (13,005 points)
What do you think will be unveiled at apple's media event tomorrow and do you think that them having a live video stream during the event is there way of saying that they are going to unveil a streaming service?

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answered Sep 1, 2010 by Granit (6,325 points)
1. iPod touch, radically new design like iPhone 4.. retina display, A4 SoC, Front face camera, etc.
 2. iPod nano, possibly a touch screen interface with an even smaller form fact as the screen takes up much of the surface.
 3. Cloud based iTunes store accessed via a web browser.. something Apple has been working on for some time, part of it is already accessible and used publicly with iTunes links.
 4. iTunes 10, possibly rebuilt with Cocoa.
 5. iOS 4.1 released for iPod touch, iPhone 4, and iPad... adding in support of Apple Accounts to be used with FaceTime so that iPod touch users can use the feature (right now FaceTime requires a cell phone number).  Other features include things such as printer support, which has been slated for a later release as said within the readme file of Pages on the iPad.
 6. Possibly iMovie for iPad.
 7. Possibly, but highly unlikely, a new rebranded AppleTV (iTV) for $99 running a hybrid of iOS.  I see this coming around October, but it may pop up at this event.
 8. TV Rentals.

The Live Streaming thing is something Apple has been working on since 1998.  They tried with the open source Quicktme Streaming Server, and had a feature in QT called QT TV, you could watch broadcast stations and streaming media from the Quicktime player.  This eventually failed.  Around 2008, Apple began steadily working on a new open standard using the HTTP protocol.  Since then, they have added it to iOS, Mac OS X, and AppleTV.  I do believe this will turn into something big down the road, I'm not quite sure this event will have it.. or if Apple will wait till a later date such as in October.  the live stream will be using HTTP streaming, which is why it requires iOS 3 or higher, or Mac OS X 10.6... as it hasn't been implemented in a large scope yet.
commented Sep 1, 2010 by Phoenix7 (2,321 points)
That's basically all the rumors out there, but like always, im sure MANY of them will not happen yet :/

For number 1. i dont think it will get a design like the iPhone 4's..because wasn't it designed like that just to give more internal volume by putting the antenna on the outside of the device? I still think there will probably be a redesign, probably not as radical as the one between the 3GS and iPhone 4...but only time will tell.

I'm most excited for iOS4 for iPad...Since iOS4's been out, my iPad on iOS 3.2 as fell very inadequate sadly :(
commented Sep 1, 2010 by Granit (6,325 points)
Well changing the design of the iPhone 4 means case and accessory manufactures have to create a whole new product for it to fit into.  If they kept the iPhone and iPod in different form factors, that would mean manufacturers would have to create two types of the sane case.. if they made a speaker or dock product, they'd had to make two or some how find away to fit both products into it.

Also, the antenna on the iPhone 4 is not just for cellular / 3G, it's also for Wifi and bluetooth, which the iPod touch has.  The extra room could be used to store an even larger number of flash modules, as the iPod always has a storage option much higher than the iPhone... they may even release a 128GB iPod touch.. who knows.
commented Sep 1, 2010 by LucaJnG (311 points)
Why do you think the iTV is unlikely, and instead predict it for October? Apple TV is directly tied in with iTunes, and there's no reason that they would announce it a month later. As well as that, there are pretty solid rumors.
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