DEBIAN APT and Bash scripting help!!

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asked Sep 5, 2010 by AppleHack23 (3,711 points)
Hey, so lets say I'm installing a .deb package in Ubuntu. But, I'm going to be making this package. I understand that I can put bash files such as postrm, prerm, postinst, and preinst, and I can put them into ./MyPackage/DEBIAN along with the control file. Now postrm removes something while uninstalling the .deb, prerm removes something while installing, postinst installs something while uninstalling the .deb, and preinst installs something while installing the .deb, from my understanding. I would like to learn how I could use a prerm to delete a file located at ~/Desktop/myFile.txt, but I do not know bash scripting. If somebody could provide some examples on removing that file and installing that file using the prerm, postrm, preinst, and postinst methods, that would be so well appreciated! Thank you very very much for any help at all!

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