Where do you go for tech advice?

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asked Sep 21, 2010 by Steven Hibbs (4,641 points)
For the longest time, I always used a search engine (primarily Google) to look for advice. If I was going to purchase a new wireless router I would start there. Yahoo Answers isn't too bad but for me, nothing beats this site. If someone asks a question they can get real people responding in real time with relevant answers. I also use Geeks.Pirillo but this is more streamlined towards help and advice.

So what site do you use?

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answered Sep 21, 2010 by Patxi (12,610 points)
I primary go to this site, if I am not mistaken all questions where answered with great explanations ^^, yahoo answers isn't all that bad eather, although on yahoo lately you will get useless comments and trolls. I also use a site called: YoReparo but is in Spanish, Good thing of been bilingual, Youtube is another way of searching for things since you don't have to ask anything or wait for replys just look for the problem and you have loads of videos explaining how to solve them. There are other tons of Forums and pages I use but it will take time to mention all XD
commented Sep 21, 2010 by Steven Hibbs (4,641 points)
True. I do use YouTube as well. Sometimes watching a short video is a lot easier to comprehend.
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answered Oct 21, 2010 by Ross Walker (1,431 points)
I normally do guess work by myself for as long as I can, then if all else fails I fall on lockergnome.net or my kick-ass CCNA teacher.
commented Oct 21, 2010 by Steven Hibbs (4,641 points)
lol. Well I think your teacher would be glad to hear you think so highly of him.  Tell your teacher to create an account on this site!
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