Retina Display?

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asked Sep 22, 2010 by Matthew B (1,336 points)
Will we see retina display graphics in laptop monitors, monitors, or TVs? the display on my ipod is AMAZING! I would like to see them put a display like that in the Mac lineup or Displays. What do you think?

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answered Sep 22, 2010 by djmoore711 (2,051 points)
The "Retina" display is not new!  This is typical of Apple, release some old technology and put a nice, catchy name on it!  

If you want a "Retina" display on any product, get a high resolution monitor.  That's all a "Retina" display is.  The native resolution is so high you can't see the PPI (pixels per square inch), just like magazines use DPI (dots per square inch).

There is a lot of math that goes into this, but to do away with all of that, see my source below.  The new 27" iMac display is 109 PPI, where the new iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th Generation is 326 PPI.  As you can see, this is not even half the resolution.

Just remember, the higher the resolution, and the bigger the screen, the smaller things appear! Would you <I>want</I> a "Retina" display on your computer?  I kind of doubt it.  There are already rumors that some people have a hard time reading the small print on the iPhone screen without zooming in like they had to do with the old iPhone displays (163 PPI), which is still a higher PPI than the iMacs.

The deal is, you don't get close enough to an iMac to see the PPI, like you do a phone.  It would cost far more to make a screen that large with that high of PPI. Plus, sitting at a normal distance from the monitor, it would be almost impossible to read things!

It might be a nice concept, and thought, but it's not actually something you'd want, nor is it practical.

You can see on the list, the only other things close to the iPhone 4 PPI are the Toshiba Portege G900 and the HTC Touch Diamond 2.  I'm sure an Android phone will be along soon to smash Apple's record, but for now, it is the king of displays.

Sources of help:
<A HREF="">PPI List</A><BR>
commented Sep 22, 2010 by Matthew B (1,336 points)
I bet the android will throw a new phone together next week with a 'rivaling' display. Still will be crappy though.
commented Sep 22, 2010 by Matthew B (1,336 points)
Well I mean crisper displays...
commented Sep 22, 2010 by Vancar6 (10,510 points)
But i don't see how the cinema displays can get more crisp.
commented Sep 22, 2010 by djmoore711 (2,051 points)
They are pretty close now, but not quite yet there...

I mean, this isn't hard to do! Just have to lower the spacial distance of the LCD.

PS. Thanks for the comment.
commented May 31, 2012 by djmoore711 (2,051 points)
Wow.  Did the iPad begin to prove me wrong, or what?! That is a 10' display with a very high pixel density.

In short, you WILL want this on your iMac.
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answered Sep 22, 2010 by jamesjimmy23 (91 points)
It's just a super high resolution display. If Apple were to put "Retina" displays in their products they would have to do something to Mac OS X so everything wouldn't be super tiny.
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