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What is Lockergnome.net

Ever have a question about some new device, an error code, or just plain technology help? That is where Lockergnome.net comes in.

Lockergnome.net is a collaboratively edited Q&A site for just about anything to do with technology. Lockergnome.net is powered by OSQA, the open source question and answer platform. It utilizes features from Wikis, Blogs, Forums, and community controlled news aggregator and rolls it into one community-driven site that is always up-to-date and always changing with the latest and active questions.

What can we do here?

Here you can ask and answer questions, comment and vote for the questions of others and their answers. Both questions and answers can be revised and improved. Questions can be tagged with the relevant keywords to simplify future access and organize the accumulated material.

This Q&A resource is moderated by its members - including yourself! Moderation rights are gradually assigned to the site users based on the accumulated "reputation" points. These points are added to the users account when others vote for his/her questions or answers. These points (very) roughly reflect the level of trust of the community.

No points are necessary to ask or answer the questions - so please - join us!!

Any questions about the site?

If you would like to find out more about this site - please see the frequently asked questions page.

Also, please take a moment to read through our rules before you begin to participate.